How to Make a Wall Collage of Picture Frames

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One simple way to decorate is through a collage wall with photo frames. This type of interior design feature lets you show off all your memorabilia, photos and milestones in one space. Here’s how you can incorporate this creative and chic design into your new home:

The Process

To build a picture frame collage, you will need the necessary tools laid in front of you to create an ideal workflow for assembly. You must have the picture frames you’ll be using, as well as nails, a hammer, a pencil, painters’ tape, and a tape measure.

1.    First, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of your frames.

2.    Once you get the measurements, you will want to outline your blank wall with the measurements. Take your tape measure and mark the measurements on the wall.  Then, apply your painter’s tape to create an outline of your picture frame.

3.    Make sure that you have at least 2-4 inches of space each time you move to a different frame when applying the painter’s tape.

4.    Now that your wall is outlined and you have a visual of what your set-up looks like, it’s time to place your pictures in your empty frames and hang them up.

5.    If your frame has a hanging wire in the back, simply measure the top of the frame to the hanging wire; then measure the same distance on the top of the outlined painter’s tape to the center, mark it, and hammer in a nail.

Decorating your space is just one of the simple pleasures of being a homeowner. If you want to learn other home decor tips or get inspiration, Lennar can help. Like us on Facebook for all our interior design tips and tricks.

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