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Lindsay Mikrut

Saving for a new home or maybe even a new car may seem like a daunting task, but with a few additional resources you can help get your budget in line and achieve your goal of making a big purchase!

Check out these top personal finance and budgeting resources to help you save for a down payment on a new home or any other future purchases.


You can download the Mint app on your phone, so you can easily keep track of your budget wherever you are. Mint personalizes a budget plan just for you, and helps you track all of your purchases by easily setting up different spending categories. They connect with your bank account, track your spending patterns, investments and much more.


Save for your future goals. Maybe it’s buying a new home, a car, or possibly just putting savings aside– LearnVest can help! With LearnVest, another easily downloadable app for your phone, they start with three goals which consist of credit card debt, emergency savings, and retirement. After they have started with those goals in mind, they then move onto your own personal financial goals.

Personal Capital

Get your complete picture of your financial life in one simple app with Personal Capital. Find out your current net worth and plan for the future. Their free analyzer and investment checkup will allow you to analyze your portfolio and help you figure out what is best for you financially.

Budget Simple

“Eliminate Debt. Build Wealth. Budget Simple”– As Budget Simple suggests, it’s that simple with their help. Track where your money is going and help reduce your debt by saving. Budget Simple will create your own personal budget and help you manage your money like never before.

Savvy Money 

With Savvy Money it’s all about earning your personal best credit score and rates. Based on your personal credit score they will show how you can refinance your existing debt and even highlight new ways you can save your money.

Explore these money saving apps, and see which one best suits you and your personal financial needs. With a little help along the way, you will have the down payment to your new home or the money to pay off a loan before you know it!

Lennar is not affiliated with these companies. Speak with a financial professional to determine the options that are best for you and your goals.

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