Room refresh: painting interior doors and trim


If you’re thinking of adding some new accents to refresh a particular room in your home, this BrightNest article from Kara Bennett highlights two simple and inexpensive ways to make it happen.

There are two big accents in your home that you may be ignoring. When’s the last time you took a look at your interior doors and trim? For an easy, inexpensive room refresh, consider painting an interior door or trim. A quick paint job for both will totally transform a room, making this area of your home kinda like the dark horse of decor accents.

When painting interior doors, choose a paint color that’s the same tone as your walls. For example, if you have a lighter, pastel color on your walls, keep it the same for your door. A bright, contrasting color will make the room feel small and choppy.

When choosing a color to paint your trim, use a stark white to brighten up a room and a cream or off-white to create warmth.

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