Storing your holiday decor right the first time

Kerrie Kelly

As if moving into a new home over the holidays weren’t stressful enough, navigating boxes and bags full of poorly placed ornaments and decorations definitely doesn’t help. Avoid stressful holiday situations by safely storing holiday decorations the first time and every time. Not only will your sanity thank you, it’ll leave more time for you to plan your holiday decor and enjoy hanging mistletoe with loved ones instead of frantically looking for your favorite pieces. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite holiday decor storage options.

Ornament Boxes

We’ve all been there—every year a few ornaments fall victim to too much tossing and end up breaking before the holidays even begin. Minimize this problem and keep those special heirloom pieces safe with specialized ornament boxes. Ornament boxes are made specifically for them, with dividers that maximize storage capacity and keep the pieces safe from jostling. Easy-to-transport handles make those basement trips easy, and many bins can hold up to 50 ornaments, minimizing those back-and-forth journeys.

Light Reel Storage Bins

It’s a holiday rite of passage: spending hours untangling balls of knotted lights only to realize half of them don’t work. Minimize anger-inducing knots and wasted time by investing in light reel storage bins. Utilizing reels for lights makes storage easy and painless, and you’ll thank yourself for it next year.

Storage Bins

For bulky figurines, garland, centerpieces, stockings, floral arrangements, and more, storage bins are perfect at holding just about anything when it comes to holiday decor. Available in a variety of sizes, bins are great for the smallest dish to the largest toy. With contoured lids, many storage bins can easily stack for optimal storage. Not only are storage bins ideal for tucking away a variety of holiday decor, they’re versatile options for year-round storage.

Wrapping Paper Storage

Wrapping paper rolls can be surprisingly pesky items to store because of their length. Many households use a variety of patterns and styles, which means rolls are spread all over the house in various closets and under beds. Take advantage of specialized wrapping paper bins to keep rolls together in one place. Many even come in handy for storing smaller items like ribbon, tape and scissors for easy access. Go for flat bins for under-bed storage, behind-the door units or standing versions for storage closets.

Christmas Tree Storage

Modern holiday decor wouldn’t be complete without imitation trees. Christmas tree storage bags and bins keep all pieces together, from the tiniest branches to the largest bases. Many trees are big and bulky, so take advantage of easy-to-carry bags for trouble-free transportation come New Year’s Day—a much easier option than attempting to store it piecemeal or in the original box!

Stemware and Dinnerware Storage

The beauty of the holidays is the chance to catch up with family and friends over delicious home-cooked meals. Holiday-themed stemware and dinnerware add a stylish touch to any space, and specialty storage keeps these delicate pieces carefully stowed away during the rest of the year. Toast for many years to come with stemware storage, and house your favorite china set with plate, cup and silverware storage. Stick to felt lined dividers for fine pieces, and go for those with a view window to easily see what’s inside.

What holiday decor storage do you and your family love to use?

Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning interior designer in California who writes for The Home Depot. Kerrie is the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab and the author of Home Decor: A Sunset Design Guide. For a wide selection of holiday storage options, please go to the Home Depot website.

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