These 5 Houseplants Are Ridiculously Easy to Grow

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Now that spring is upon us, you might be tempted to invest into some plants for your home. It’s important to be realistic about how much attention and care you will provide to your plants. This Better Homes & Gardens article shares 5 low maintenance houseplants perfect for people that will occasionally forget to water their plants.

Tropical plants are just perfect for on-the-go homeowners who appreciate the beauty and benefit of houseplants but don’t always remember to water them. These five plants were put to the test and survived in a dark closet for THREE weeks!

Whether you are new to the world of houseplants or are looking for an ultra easy-care plant to add life and a dynamic vibe to a forlorn room, here are five houseplants that are among the easiest of all tropicals to grow.

Our friends at Costa Farms, a wholesale grower of plants, dug into the science of tough plants. They devised a study to find the toughest of the tough indoor plants. The chief challenge for plants was a three-week stint in a lightless closet without supplemental watering. To receive a commendable rating the plant not only had to look magnificent upon retrieval from the closet, but it also had to maintain its good looks for months beyond. In short, the plant had to endure three-week closet vacation and remain in great form.

Five houseplants met the criteria outlined in the study. These tough plants don’t mind low light (or long periods of no light!). Low humidity doesn’t pose a problem for them and they are exceedingly forgiving when you forget to water them. They are perfect plants for houseplant newbies and busy folks who love tropicals.

Ponytail Palm

Grasslike leaves atop a bare stem give ponytail palm delightfully dramatic and contemporary appearance. Very slow-growing, this plant is perfect for tabletops. It thrives in medium light and stores water in its thick trunk. Ponytail palm can survive for extended periods without water.

Sago Palm

Feathery, dark green leaves on top of a short stem give sago palm a texture-rich appearance. Often wider than it is tall, sago palm has a pronounced tropical appearance and is at home in all kinds of design styles thanks to its bevy of texture. Grow it in bright to low light and water it only when the top of the soil is dry to the touch, as it doesn’t tolerate wet soil.

ZZ Plant

The dark green, glossy leaves of ZZ plant make some people mistake it for a plastic plant. The waxy leaves are not only part of the plant’s beauty, but they also contribute to its ease of growing. The leaves seal in moisture, making ZZ plant tolerant of dry conditions. Grow it in bright to low light and water it when the top of the soil is dry. ZZ plant is one of a few plants that doesn’t need natural light—it’ll thrive just fine under fluorescent lights. Do you have an interior office? ZZ plant is perfect for you.

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