Tips to Get Ready for Thanksgiving in Your New Home

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November 2018 – Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s all about enjoying family time at home. Which is why if you find yourself moving during this holiday season, you might feel stressed about getting everything ready in time. Check out our list of tips, tricks and possible Thanksgiving dinner alternatives to ensure you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

Be Turkey Ready. If you are committed to getting a fresh turkey for this year’s dinner, be sure to order yours at least one to two weeks ahead of time. If you’ve just moved or are in the midst of the madness – you can always go the frozen route. Just be sure to set it out to thaw the night or day before otherwise it won’t defrost in time.

Oven vs. Stovetop vs. Grill. If you are moving or just getting settled into your new home, it’s a possibility the oven isn’t even ready yet! If the stove top is working, you can prepare your side dishes and opt for a freshly-prepared turkey instead of a frozen one. You can also roast a turkey and prepare side dishes in a slow cooker or grill it on the barbecue for a delicious result. Deep-fried or smoked turkey (if you have the right equipment) is also sure to please.

Ditch the Stress – Go to a Restaurant! Plenty of restaurants are open on Thanksgiving with pre-set menus and priced meals. There’s no need to take on all the stress of preparing a dinner for family if you’re truly not settled into your home yet. Just be sure to make your reservation early. Plus, nobody has to do the dishes!

Order In or Take Out. Why stress about the costs, time or having the supplies for a last-minute perfect family meal? If you’re not ready in time, but still want to spend the holiday in your brand-new home, go for something simple. Pick up a pie, a pre-cooked turkey at the grocery store or butcher and grab a few sides. Sometimes those picnic-style dinners in your brand-new home create the perfect memory of the start of a new life chapter.

Get Out and Do Something Active. Sometimes stress is unavoidable when you’re in the process of moving. What better way is there to beat it than by getting outside and get some physical activity? Sign up for a Turkey Trot in your new area for an active way to celebrate the holiday.

Remember the Reason for the Season. Thanksgiving is really all about being thankful for what you have – including your brand-new home! You can even ditch the dinner plans all together and bring the whole family down to spend some time working at a local food bank or soup kitchen. You could also volunteer in the morning before your dinner plans or start a canned food drive a few weeks prior – when you look around and get involved in your new community, it’s easy to discover just how many ways there are to help.

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