Turn up the volume for game day in your home!

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TV and sound are crucial aspects when hosting a successful party to celebrate the Big Game. The team at Polk Audio is sharing tips to enhance the sound in your living room space so that you can host an unforgettable game day in your home!

Consider the benefits of utilizing a sound bar to host game day.

Quality sound

Sound bars help provide better audio quality than you’ll find built into any HDTV, and without the clutter of satellite speakers. They are an excellent compromise between shelling out for an expensive surround-sound system and settling for the tinny sound from your TV’s build in speakers.

In the right setting,  many sound bars can produce an expansive sound stage so no one has to miss the call on a football play due to lack of sound. While you might not be at the game, you can still experience the sounds of big hits and tackles as if you’re on the field!

Easy audio solution for your home theater

For those who don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of hooking up the TV set to a full-scale surround-sound system, a sound bar can offer an ideal solution. Sound bars are one-piece home-theater speaker systems that are sleekly styled and can easily be hung on a wall underneath your TV or placed on your entertainment center. Skip the confusion of setting up multiple speakers, and ensure a smooth game day by utilizing a simple sound bar in your home.

Easily access Spotify or Pandora during commercials

If you’re not a fan of commercials or would rather skip out on the slower parts of the game, easily access your Spotify or Pandora account to bring out you and your guests favorite party tunes. Even if there is a dull moment during the game, it doesn’t mean you can’t still keep the party going with other forms of entertainment.

Affordable options

While you may not want to invest a lot of money into your TV’s sound system, the sound bar offers a wide variety of prices allowing you to more easily find a price within your budget. The price range for sound bars ranges from as little as $100 to over $1,500, depending on the features and audio quality you need or want.

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  1. January 31, 2017 Katina M. Young

    I absolutely love this house. I will get this house.

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  1. January 31, 2017 Katina M. Young

    I absolutely love this house. I will get this house.

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