The surprising reasons why people move in Dallas-Fort Worth

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Upgrading homes just got easier in Dallas. Imagine if you could sell your current home for a cash offer at a time that coordinates with the closing date of your new Lennar home. Lennar has teamed with Opendoor, an online real estate marketplace that radically simplifies home buying and selling, to create the New Home Trade-up Program to do just that. Learn more about this amazing trade-up program in this Culture Map – Dallas article.

Spring has traditionally been the best and most popular time to sell your home in Dallas, but contracts tend to keep flying through the summer. Once fall and winter hit, however, things tend to slow down and seasonality sets in. In fact, 60 percent of people who buy or sell across the country do so before August, and we see much of the same in DFW.

With the traditional homeselling season in DFW having just come to a close, Opendoor has brand-new, fresh data on why local homeowners chose to sell in the first place. During the peak spring and summer months (February-August), Opendoor helped tens of thousands of local homeowners move on to the next chapter in their lives.

The top five were fairly predictable, but it’s the percentages that tell the real story. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed, or 22 percent, said they moved to upgrade (meaning they needed more space or probably didn’t want to take on DIY home repairs and renovation projects). One of the benefits of selling with Opendoor is that the company will take care of those upgrade projects for you, saving untold hours related to finding workers and supervising home repairs, and saving you from having to splash out tons of cash on the home before putting it on the market.

An equal number of people (22 percent) moved because they wanted to downsize to a smaller home, while 9 percent said they were retiring.

Six percent said they were selling an investment property, and in cases like those, Opendoor is an ideal way to handle the transaction: less involvement needed on the seller’s part, with Opendoor handling everything from start to finish.

Only 14 percent moved because they were relocating, and in those cases, Opendoor’s quick offer is especially valuable. To sell your home through Opendoor, you need only answer a few questions about your home’s condition, features, and upgrades, and then you’ll get a guaranteed offer back within 24 hours.

Likewise, the 10 percent who sold because they needed the cash probably also appreciated the quick turnaround and lack of hassle when it comes to dealing with showings and repairs.

Opendoor is the largest acquirer of single-family homes in both Dallas and the U.S. Because of that status, the company is able to look at its volume of homes, ask consumers directly about their needs and wants, and track trends to keep Dallas buyers and sellers in the loop on what they need to know about the market.

Thinking about all the reasons why you personally want to move? Visit to browse the huge selection of Dallas-Fort Worth homes, or learn more about selling your home through Opendoor’s painless process.

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