Consumers Find Multiple Uses For Lennar’s New Multi-Generational Home Concept

November 19, 2012

in Lennar

Consumers Find Multiple Uses For Lennar's New Multi-Generational Home Concept

When Lennar Minnesota posted a survey on its website asking consumers how they would live in its Next Gen concept home, consumers jumped in from across the country with a wide range of ideas. “The Next Gen home concept pioneers a home-within-a-home concept,” said Tim Fohr, Marketing Manager of Lennar Minnesota. “We are addressing the growing need of families with multiple adult generations living together. We knew the Next Gen concept, a home-within-a-home could be utilized in a variety of ways and we were pleasantly surprised at the number of ideas we’ve received from potential buyers.” Lennar posted a survey contest on the Lennar Minnesota Page of Facebook and received over 2300 responses. “The replies we received not only showed us that people understood and were engaged in the concept, but their ideas reflected the needs that many people have today,” said Fohr. Here are some consumers’ ideas about the home-within-a-home. [Read this article]

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