How to Keep a Clean, Pet-Friendly Home

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Who says having pets and keeping a clean home can’t happen simultaneously?

Our pets are extensions of our families, but taking care of an animal is more than just play time and going for long walks. You want your family and guests to enjoy having them around, but bothersome smells and furry countertops are not pleasant for you or anyone else. So here are 6 tips to help keep your pet-friendly Lennar home clean and odor-free.

1. Indoor & Outdoor Mats

Use a mat both on the inside and outside of the entrances that your pet will be using. These will serve as the initial dirt barriers so that less germs and excess grime are carried from outside the home to inside. Not only do these work well for pets, but they keep your family from tracking dirt in the house too.

2. Groom Regularly

One of the main issues that pet owners face is hair and shedding. Grooming your pet on a regular basis will help to decrease the amount of stray hairs left around the house that are unsightly and can trace an odor. Set up a grooming schedule or calendar to help remind you when your pet friends need a shampoo, and this will help with excessive shedding around the house. If you groom your pet yourself, also look for shampoos that specialize in odor control.

3. Vacuum Often

If vacuuming every day is not realistic, try to vacuum at least two to three times a week. Concentrate on the main areas that your pet likes to play, and trying using a vacuum with a high-efficient particulate air filter. On hard floors, it is recommended to use an electrostatic mop, so that the hair doesn’t get blown around while trying to clean. You can also invest in a robot vacuum to keep the day-to-day hair under control between more thorough cleanings.


4. Clean Pet Dishes and Trays

After you’ve fed your pets, avoid leaving their dirty food dishes out. Clean their bowls and dishes regularly, the same way you clean your own dishes regularly. In addition, if you have a litter tray, keep it out of the kitchen. For better hygiene, consider placing it in or near your garage instead.

5. Keep Cleaning Supplies Stocked

You always want to make sure that you keep your cleaning supplies as stocked as possible. If you’re cleaning your home on a regular basis, you may want to designate a cleaning kit to each room. Be sure to also keep a regular supply of air fresheners. Sometimes, it may be easier to use your own DIY air fresheners. If you have items like cinnamon, rosemary, or lemon, you can let them simmer in a pot while you clean. This will leave your home smelling naturally fresh.

6. Use Household Items

Another convenient way to avoid pet odor is to use items that you may already keep in your home for other reasons. For example, sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet before you vacuum, this will help to eliminate strong pet odors. You can also put vinegar in a spray bottle and lightly spray it in a room like you would air freshener. Being that vinegar is highly acidic, it can kill bacteria. As the vinegar smell dissolves, so does any odor that may have been there before.

With these tips, your family will be able to happily live with your pets and keep your Lennar home gorgeous and odor-free!

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