3 interior design styles that are trending

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One of the most satisfying and fulfilling parts of owning a home is the freedom to make it your own, and decorate with things that make you happy.

With so many options for decorating your home, choosing the right style can sometimes be a challenge. If you need an idea to get started, consider one of these three popular interior design styles:

1. Tropical

The tropical style has evolved from cheesy knickknacks and uncomfortable rattan furniture into a more modern look.

Today’s tropical style consists of banana leaf-printed pillows, sleek gold accents, and contemporary black and white patterns. This style uses a wealth of green hues – it’s no surprise Pantone’s color of the year is called “greenery” – with contrasting accent colors like neon pink and soft coral or salmon.

Mid-century modern furniture, hanging lanterns or pendant lights, and live foliage complement this style well. And, of course, no proper tropical look would be complete without a ceramic pineapple to set on a coffee table or bookshelf.

2. Farmhouse

 Rustic meets French Provincial in this more mature approach to a shabby chic design style. The farmhouse color palette consists of mostly white and grey, along with light beige, sage green and cloudy blues.

This style marries a light and airy aesthetic with a warm and cozy feel. Picture tufted couches and bedframes, repurposed vintage or distressed furniture, unfinished wood, and industrial-inspired lighting fixtures.

Some staple features include an oversized oak dining table with built-in benches, faux animal hide rugs and accent vases filled with lavender and baby’s-breath.

3. Nautical

Envision a cozy beach cottage on the New England coast. The interior is light and airy with white and neutral beige tones accented by deep navy blues, and perhaps a pop of orange or red.

Patterns may feature anchors, sailboats or even marine life such as octopuses, whales or seahorses. Décor incorporates things like sea glass, jute ropes, rowing oars and drift wood.

For the furniture, combine exposed wood tables and shelves with chic linen-upholstered seating. Consider using a large navigational map or maritime compass as a focal piece of art.

 Where to find design help

 Now that you have options to work with, test them out on your home with a virtual interior decorating app like Houzz or RoOomy.

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  1. September 6, 2018 3 Interior Design Styles | Hospital and Medical Centre

    […] 3 interior design styles that are trending […]

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  1. September 6, 2018 3 Interior Design Styles | Hospital and Medical Centre

    […] 3 interior design styles that are trending […]

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