4 Tips to Elevate Your 4th of July BBQ!


With summer in full gear, next comes one of America’s most magical holidays – 4th of July. Now that we’re experiencing incredible weather, it’s the perfect excuse to throw the very first bash of the summer. But throwing a successful BBQ isn’t easy. There’s a lot to consider – from food, activities, décor and much, much more. So, before you end the night with fireworks, take into consideration these helpful tips we’ve put together that will help any party host step up their 4th of July game!

Patriotic décor

To help everyone get in the holiday spirit, set the tone for the party with fun and patriotic décor. Take inspiration from the flag and incorporate red, white and blue, as well as stars and stripes into your set up. From wreaths, lighting, paper lanterns, banners, centerpieces, napkins, chair covers, serving buckets, place cards and more – there are lots of creative ways you can add a touch of color to your party. For some more inspiration and easy ideas, click here. Plus, take the décor to the next level and cook or bake some patriotic treats for the kids and family! They’ll not only taste delicious, they’ll contribute to the overall vibe.  

Grilling tips

The success of your party starts and ends at the grill. To ensure success, grab a variety of meat options so there’s something for every foodie at your party – brisket, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, steaks, patties and fish, as well as plenty of vegetables and other options for non-meat eaters. Once you’ve started grilling, make sure you’re cleaning the grill periodically – not only for cleanliness but it prevents food from sticking! Throughout the day and night, maintain the grill’s temperature and remember – caramelization is key. As a general rule, you’ll want to turn the food just once. Your guests will thank you! And as a special treat, grilled desserts like grilled pineapple sundaes or fruit skewers will help your BBQ stand out.

Keep the kids smiling and busy

The fireworks might be the star of the show, but they’re not until the end of the day. With the kids indulging in sweets throughout the day, they’re going to need some fun ways to help burn off that excess energy. Set up activities for the kids to enjoy throughout the day and utilize both the inside and outside of your home. Let the kids cool down with a water balloon fight made up of red, white and blue water balloons, set up a slip-n-slide or let them run through the sprinklers. Inside, set up a station for them to hang where they can color printable flags, write a letter to a hero or add a patriotic card deck so the kids can play Go Fish while they snack on sweets.

Don’t overlook the basics

You’ve got the essentials – scrumptious food, inviting décor and activities for the kids – but what about the basics? Take your hosting game up a notch by ensuring everyone is comfortable and has everything they need for a long fun day under the sun. Create a table with everything they’ll need, from sunscreen, sunglasses, blankets for when the sun goes down, plenty of water and ice. That way, if your guests forgot to bring anything, they’ll have easy access to them.

Follow these 4 tips and you’ll be on your way to having one of the best 4th of July BBQs in the neighborhood!  

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