5 April Fools’ Jokes You Can Play at Home!

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April Fools is the day to channel your inner jester. But even if you’re stuck at home during this glorious holiday, there are still many practical jokes you can play on your friends and family. We’ve put together a fun list for you to consider – they don’t require much effort, but they sure know how to pack a punch. Happy pranking!

Who’s that in the picture?

In our homes we all have pictures we pass by every day. Whether they’re from prom, a wedding or family portraits, we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing them that we rarely pay attention to them anymore. For a fun joke, replace a picture with something absurd, like a fictional character from one of your favorite sci-fi movies or a famous sitcom family. How long will it take for someone to notice? Let’s find out!

Work day interrupted

This one’s a classic work prank and if the kids are being homeschooled or someone’s working from home, you can easily pull it off. Wake up early and place tape at the bottom of their mouse to block the sensor. It’ll have the recipient frustrated, wondering what’s wrong with it. They’ll change the batteries and charge it, but nothing will work. You just sit back and enjoy the show! (You can also do this with the TV remote if you want to double your joke.)  

A sweet prank

What better way to prank someone than by messing with their expectations? Grab a bag of Skittles®, M&M’s® and Reese’s Pieces and mix them all together in a bowl. Bring the bowl out for the kids on the pretense that it’s a special treat for their good behavior. Watch as they start chewing and realize they’re not eating what they thought they were. Just be warned – kids have a great imagination, so they might retaliate with a joke of their own!

A cheesy joke   

If you don’t mind wasting a perfectly good block of cheese, you’re in for a Gouda time. Replace one of your bathroom soaps with a block of cheese. Your family will just think it’s a fancy artisanal bar soap!

Pranking from afar

If you and your friend have a long-standing tradition of pulling jokes on each other but won’t be together this April Fool’s Day, technology has you covered. Start off by texting them that you need to talk to them about something important. Once they reply, download a gif of three dots and send it off. This joke will have their minds racing, wondering what could be taking so long to type! Another trick you can play on someone remotely is randomly texting them ‘What’s Your ETA?’ It’s especially perfect for that busy person in your life who has a hectic schedule and would be very likely to forget made plans.  

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