6 Creative Games for Your Holiday Party

Lennar Tucson

Now that your home is adorned with strands of garland and poinsettias, it’s time for family, games, and fun! A house becomes a home when friends and family gather together to make lasting memories. Fill your home with love and laughter this holiday season with these five Christmas party games!

1. The saran wrap ball game.

This classic can be modified to be played a few ways, but basically it consists of having several presents wrapped into a large saran wrapped ball. The person starts unwrapping while the individual to their left rolls five dice, until they roll doubles. Once they roll doubles – the ball is passed to the next person along with the dice and repeat. It’s an active game that demands urgency. Just wrap up some prizes in plastic wrap and watch everyone go crazy!

2. Candy Cane Hook Game.

This unique race has been made popular in recent years and makes for the perfect holiday game because it brings out everyone’s competitive side – but it’s also so silly that it will have everyone laughing. Similar to bobbing for apples, this game is hooking as many candy canes as you can during a timed period. Start with the straight end in your mouth, then see how many canes you can hook in one minute. The winner who connects the most – gets a prize.

3. Holiday movie trivia.

It’s easy to create some questions about some of your favorite holiday movies, such as Elf, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, The Holiday, The Grinch – the list is enormous. Once you have your questions created, simply split your guests into two or more teams and see which one has the answers the fastest. Make a bonus points list Christmas movies gone wrong!

4, Pin the nose on the… reindeer!

This is a great one for gatherings with small children. Just like the old classic pin the tail on the donkey – but with a cute holiday twist. It’s simple, but timeless and definitely a silly way to celebrate.

5. LRC – left, right, center.

You can get a special LRC dice online and then play with a big circle of people. All that’s needed to start is 3 $1 bills. Then, each person rolls the dice and if it lands on an L, you give a dollar to your left, a R, a dollar to the right, a C a dollar to the center. Last person standing wins the whole pot!

Christmas tree ornament

6. Christmas ornament guessing game.

Have you ever seen a large jar full of jelly beans where people write in their estimate of how many are in the jar, and the person who guesses the closest amount wins? Well this is just like that. Only instead, have your guests guess how many ornaments are on the tree – the winner takes home a special gift.

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