6 Holiday Traditions to Start with Family & Friends


What make the holidays such a special time for friends and family are the traditions that come along with them. And each family has their own – whether it’s something as simple as grandma bringing her world-famous eggnog or ditching the hours of cooking for take out. So, for this holiday season, why not start some new traditions? We’ve put together a few creative ideas that’ll help you get in the holiday spirit and create memories you’ll cherish long after the season is over.

1. Bake Off

A little friendly competition is a fun way to kick off the holidays. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not invite your friends and family over for some baking goodness. Get the kids involved and let them help you measure ingredients, try new recipes, old family recipes and everything you can think of. As the years go by and everyone’s baking skills develop, you can take it to the next level by introducing a special ingredient they must use for the competition. Plus, take some treats to your neighbors and spread the cheer!

2. Declutter & Donate

With the new year right around the corner, the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to get a fresh new start. While you’re going through your storage to get decorations, look around and see what things you haven’t used in years. Get the whole family involved and everyone can choose a few items to donate, such as old coats, blankets, hats, boots and baby clothing.  

3. Matching PJs on Christmas Eve

To ease the anticipation of Christmas for the little ones, many families allow them to open one present the day before, but you can add to this tradition! Instead of letting the kids open up their new game console that’ll have them sitting in front the television for hours, gift everyone in the family matching pajamas. They can look forward to getting new pajamas every year and your family will be ready for pictures the next day.

4. Random Acts of Kindness

With all the madness that goes on during the holiday season, it’s easy to forget the real meaning of it. Try to incorporate acts of kindness into your family’s traditions. Pay for someone’s order at a drive thru, fill a parking meter, deliver flowers to the nurse’s station at your local hospital or make a family day out of it and volunteer at a soup kitchen. During dinner, take a few minutes to reflect and go around the table and see how everyone helped spread the holiday spirit.

5. Holiday Lights

Take a stroll or drive around your neighborhoods in search of the brightest and most creative lights display. Make note of some of your favorite homes and neighborhoods and come back every year and see if they’ve outdone themselves. Plus, take some inspiration and apply your ideas to your own home!

6. Annual Movie

The great thing about holiday movies is that they are truly timeless. Movies like Elf, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas and others capture the spirit of the season – and best of all, they come in many genres! You loved them when you were a kid and you love them as you get older, often finding new things about them that you might have previously missed. That’s why choosing a movie that the whole family can watch over and over again is a great tradition!

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