A Creative Room Refresh in Four Steps

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“Home” is the kindest word in the world, it’s where the heart is and there is no place like it.  How you decorate your home reflects your unique personality and directly impacts how you feel when you “come home.”  We all know that to take care of the body of the home, we do annual maintenance.  But to take care of the spirit of the home, try some annual decor maintenance.  A little creative room refresh will lift the energy of the space and change the way you experience it.  Here are four simple steps you can take, that won’t break the bank.

1. Start Fresh

Take the time to remove everything from the desired room including: furniture, décor, rugs and wall hangings.  Then do a thorough cleansing including base boards, windows and even door frames.  Before you move anything back into the room, clean each item thoroughly.  If any items are damaged or broken, repair them or consider discarding them. Interesting to note, cleansing ceremonies have been used for thousands of years as a symbolic way to cleanse a space and to make room for new things to come – have fun with it.

2. Create Balance

Before placing any items back into the room, consider all possible configurations. To make this process easier, take measurements and sketch the options.  All you need is a measuring tape and some graph paper, or if you want to upgrade your sketch, consider an online sketch service.  As you are considering the various placements, research Feng Shui and learn about this ancient practice of balancing the flow of energy in your home to create harmony and prosperity.

3. New Light

Of all things that can be introduced into a space, a new lighting source will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  A new light will not only introduce a new aesthetic, but also offer a new way of looking at old things.  Whether you do a new overhead light or floor lamp, pick one that makes a statement.  Based on your budget you can find value and luxury options from markets around your area.

4. Personal Art

If buying new artwork is not in your budget, just “go shopping” around your home to find an item that can be switched.  Another inexpensive (and fun) activity is to introduce new arrangements and uses of your personal photos, for a unique way to combine 1000 little images to create one large one.

Whichever steps you decide to take to refresh your home, be creative and check out the decorating articles on Lennar’s Open Door Blog for a regular stream of unique ideas. There is truly, no place like home.

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