Add Some Luck to Your New Lennar Home! 


Your luck doesn’t have to end after March 17th. This St. Patrick’s Day, embrace the season and add some creative and fun décor to your new Lennar home to ensure the good luck lasts year-round. Taken straight from our pot of gold, here are three lucky finds so you can live luckily ever after in your new home:


Legend says that when kept as a talisman, a horseshoe brings its owner good luck.

But no need to carry these heavy pieces around with you. Although most people choose to hang them by the front door, these stylish pieces are very versatile and can be used in several ways. Opt for a horseshoe with a hook in the center and place it by the entrance so you can hang your jackets or keys off it when you come home. You can use horseshoes as handles—attach them to a wooden box to create a rustic centerpiece for your Great Room. Turn it into an activity for the kids and paint them and use them for crafts to decorate their bedrooms. However, you decide to use them, keep in mind the direction: when you hang a horseshoe with the open end facing upward it’s supposed to collect good luck, when facing down it’s supposed to bestow good luck on those who pass by.


In addition to wisdom, strength and fertility, the elephant is a symbol of good luck. From tabletop accessories, graphic art, table lamps, rugs, planters, bookends, salt and pepper shakers and much more, there are countless ways to incorporate this majestic animal into your new home. When looking for pieces, you’ll want to consider which way the elephant’s trunk is pointing: upwards represents good fortune, downward will collect energy and intertwined trunks signify love and friendship. Many décor items also utilize the elephant’s trunk: elevate your vanity with an elegant ring holder or use the trunk as a hook and hang belts off it.


Go green! Whether you’re looking for something low-maintenance to keep indoors or want to try your green thumb with a garden, there are a lot of plants available that symbolize good luck. Popular with feng shui, the bamboo attracts positive energy and brings good health, peace and luck into the home. Use it in the dining room to promote abundance or in your office to bring wealth, but you should avoid placing it in your bedroom as it will disrupt the room’s serene energy. You can really get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and try your luck growing a four-leaf clover. For your garden, plant some roses and watch it bring you love, healing and luck. Best of all, using plants will help improve the air quality and bring a sense of peace to your new Lennar home.

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