How to build curb appeal for your home

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Curb appeal is your home’s version of a first impression. Building and maintaining good curb appeal can help create a welcoming environment for guests or for your everyday living.

The possibilities are limitless when creating curb appeal, from fountains and decorative walkways to a front porch swing. For simpler solutions, here are four inexpensive ways to build curb appeal that don’t involve much too much work:

Upgrade your front walkway and door

The front door is your guests’ first greeting when they visit your home. These simple enhancements can give your home an extra boost of curb appeal:

  • Use plants to frame your doorstep. This can add a natural pop of color and give a refined or casual look, depending on the type of plant you choose.
  • Hang a wreath from your front door. Use an arrangement based on different seasons or holidays.
  • Upgrade exterior lighting and door hardware. Use a matching metal finish for a polished look.

Pressure wash your sidewalk and fence

Pressure washing the exterior surfaces of your home is a cost-effective method to clean and maintain those features. A pressure washer can be used on your deck, fence, patio or driveway. Surfaces that are tile, vinyl or brick are also suitable materials to pressure wash.

Plant greenery

Planting flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants can add a fresh, natural look to your home’s landscape and will boost your curb appeal if maintained properly.

Consider creating a flowerbed that runs along the base of your house. If you’re in a warmer climate, crotons or hibiscus are low-maintenance plants that thrive all year and are easy to maintain. Potted plants and window boxes are an easy alternative to a flowerbed.

It’s easy to build curb appeal in your Lennar home, as most come with a professional front yard landscape, with grass, shrubs, plants and an irrigation system.

Take care of your home

Preserving curb appeal can be difficult if your home isn’t maintained properly. If you have outdoor plants, set a reminder to water your plants or create a year-long schedule for outdoor cosmetic maintenance, which includes touching up your home’s exterior paint, cleaning your gutters and the outsides of windows, or laying down fertilizer for a lush green lawn.

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