Hosting Thanksgiving Goes High-Tech with Lennar’s Automated Homes in Tampa

Lennar Tampa

It’s Thanksgiving, let’s talk turkey! Better yet, since we’re in 21st-century Florida, let’s talk to Amazon Alexa about helping with holiday hosting.

Thanks to Lennar, your new home in Tampa features the world’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design. Each new home in Tampa comes fully outfitted with a high level of upgrades and features through Lennar’s signature Everything’s Included® program, you can now enjoy whole-home automation, iOS and Android compatibility and, of course, voice control with Alexa.

Just feast your eyes on some of the high-tech fun you can have with Alexa’s hosting help.

For years, the nation’s largest turkey purveyor has operated a helpline. Now, simply ask Alexa, who’s tuned into Butterball’s hotline: “Alexa”—”can I deep-fry my turkey?” “Alexa, the little red pop-up button hasn’t popped up yet, so how can I tell if my turkey’s done?” “Alexa, do you have a recipe for Key lime pie?”; we are in Florida, after all.

Say you’re stuck on that secret ingredient from your family’s famous cranberry sauce, but your hands are full with slicing and dicing. Ask Alexa to reach out to a relative who knows but can’t make it to your new home for the holidays. (See even more hosting tech tips here.)

Alexa’s not your only holiday helper in your new Connected Home by Lennar.

Home Automation can set the tone for the ultimate, contemporary Thanksgiving. Play festive holiday tunes. Customize your lighting to create just the right mood throughout the day. Your thermostat will fine-tune the weather inside. Of course, Tampa’s weather outside could give you a reprieve when everyone else walks off the tryptophan on a community trail or takes advantage of the other splendid amenities in your Lennar community.

With Lennar’s Home Automation, there’s lots to be thankful for.

For more information about Lennar, home automation, new homes for sale in Tampa or any other questions about your new home, visit our Tampa website.

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