Lennar Seattle: Exploring and living in Washington State

Nathan Olotoa

The Pacific Northwest is synonymous with beautiful green and expansive landscapes, the majestic Cascade Mountains, and thousands of miles of trails for explorers. Whether you are a warm-weather adventurer or like to explore any terrain in any condition, Washington has something for you. Forget about the myth that the typical Washington forecast includes a daily dose of rain. Those that live in the Pacific Northwest know that Washington is not only a great place to explore, but also great place to call home.

Some of the major points of interest to explore are Mt. Rainier, The Olympics, North Cascades National Parks and Mt. St. Helens, most famously known for being an active Volcano that erupted in May of 1980. Walking trails in the area range from easy, like Pt. Defiance Park, which is filled with sweeping views of  Vashon Island, Gig Harbor, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Looking for something more challenging? Check out Mt. Margaret, complete with breathtaking views of the Mt. St. Helen’s Crater Glacier and Spirit Lake. Adventuring can be a fun and exhilarating way to explore nature and the Pacific Northwest, but there is a way you can explore and adventure without ever leaving the community you live in.

Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier

The community of Tehaleh first opened on September 26, 2012. Tehaleh, a Native American word meaning highlands or land above, is located on a plateau situated in the highland forest of Pierce County, Washington. When you live in Tehaleh, the adventure you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. The community was always intended to be a place where families can live in harmony with the land around them. Almost one quarter of the land will be retained for greenbelt, open space, parks and trail systems. Currently, 9 parks and nearly 8 miles of trail system are already in place in this growing community.

Situated just 25 miles northwest of Mt. Rainer, the community lends several nods to the beautiful mountain. Many parks, roads, and even the Café D’ Art are situated as simple salutes to the majestic and dormant mountain. In fact the future plans for the Tehaleh trail system are to tie in the regional trail system of Mount Rainier National park. This includes an additional 300 miles of trails for the adventurer to explore and hike, making it so the mountain plays an integral role in current and future development of Tehaleh.

Whether you are a rough and rugged explorer or just enjoy the peace and quiet of Mother Nature, Washington has something for you. If you enjoy nature and are looking for a place to call home there are always options, but there are only a few that take advantage of the landscape and nature in harmony with the surrounding land. It all begins with a simple exploration and grows into something more. If you would like to take those first steps in exploring the possibilities simply go to www.lennar.com/tehaleh and begin your adventure.

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