New Year, New Destinations!


These will be the top travel destinations of 2019

2019 is finally here and with that comes a very important list. We’re not talking about New Year’s resolutions, we’re talking about the top travel destinations to visit in 2019. Based on a combination of Airbnb search, booking and wish list growth data*, Airbnb is forecasting the most off-the-beaten-path regions, cities and towns to explore in 2019.

Ranging from a vehicle-free island off the coast of southeastern China’s Xiamen, to the site of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary celebration next year, we’ve found that most of our trending destinations are places where the increased “healthy,” more sustainable and authentic tourism will benefit residents and travelers alike, promoting emerging locales like Accra, Ghana; supporting environmental sustainability in places like Calabria, Italy; and offering the chance to help rebuild communities after natural disasters, starting with the top-trending destination on our list: Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Airbnb’s 19 Trending Destinations for 2019:

  • Kaikoura, New Zealand
  • Xiamen, China
  • Puebla, Mexico
  • Normandy, France
  • Great Smoky Mountains, US
  • Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Mozambique
  • Outer Hebrides, Scotland
  • Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
  • Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, US
  • Santa Catarina State, Brazil
  • Batumi, Georgia
  • Winnipeg, Canada
  • Pondicherry, India
  • Uzbekistan
  • Calabria, Italy
  • Andalucia, Spain
  • Taiwan

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