Tips for Hosting a Memorable Summer Party

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Planning a party this summer? When you host a summer party, you’ve got a lot more options. You can use your outdoor space, enjoy the sunlight longer, and fire up the grill. Plan your space, your menu, and your activities around the season—and your guests will enjoy the best summer party in the community.

Outdoors and In

A great outdoor space is like a bonus room. Of course, you (and your guests) will probably be in and out of the house—running for the refrigerator, the restroom, or just cooling off for a minute. Plan for your door opening and closing throughout the party. Set your thermostat a bit higher than you normally would to save your air conditioner from working extra hard—and save on your power bill. Turn it back down once the party is over.

Light Up the Party

The best part of a summer party is the long summer daylight. Stay outside as the day cools down and turns to evening. With summer nights as the coolest time to be outside, you definitely don’t want to head in now! Prepare by hanging some string lights for a classic summer look. Candles or small tea lights can be a great touch, too.

A Perfect Summer Menu

There’s nothing like the smell of a grill in the summer. It’s burger season, after all. But if you’re looking for something lighter, or a vegetarian option, grill portabella mushrooms instead of meat patties. Go even further and try recipes that use seasonal produce. That’s where the best summer flavors come from.

Keeping Bugs Away

A southern summer means bugs. The worst of them—mosquitos—could ruin a great party. But you can plan ahead to counteract the nuisance. Dump any empty flower pots or rain gutters to make sure there is no standing water around your home. Set up fans around your outdoor space. Not only will this keep bugs away, it will bring a cool breeze to your party. Bug repellant candles can also do double duty—adding to your summer party vibe while keeping bugs away.

When you’ve created a beautiful home inside and out, you want to share it with your friends. Summer is the best time for hosting the best party. These tips are a great start for the perfect summer party for your family and friends. Find more ways to make the most of this summer season by liking us on Facebook.

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