Tips for a successful Sunday game day party

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Congratulations to both football teams that will be competing in the final game on Sunday, February 5th. Whether your team made the cut or has been out of the race for months, there is always a reason to celebrate and host the big game at your Lennar home. Follow the tips below to prepare you for the event:

· Find out how many guests will be attending– With an accurate estimate you can easily calculate how much food will be necessary to purchase or have your guests help you by contributing to the party. It will also help you determine how much seating will be needed in order to have the most comfortable experience.

· Snacks AND Big plates– Chips and dip are always a good idea however you’ll need something more filling to make sure that no one goes hungry and leaves your party with a growling stomach. Some game day favorites can be:

o   Classic Italian Turkey Meatballs – Easy to make and a popular contender amongst game day foods

o   Cheese Pizzettes– Small plate with a big bite – also a classic favorite!

o   Fourth Quarter Punch – Homemade cocktails to add a personable touch

· Avoid mess– Guests will be glued to the TV and with many emotions running on high, it could result in a recipe for a messy disaster for your living space! Cover your coffee table with wrapping paper. It could protect your table from damages and will be an easy cleanup.

· Decoration– Adding a splash of team spirit to your party space will liven up the room!

· Party Games– a change of scenery can keep your guests engaged throughout the party. No need to invest in anything fancy, a homemade, football version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is enough to keep the party rolling.

No matter who wins the game, by following these tips you’ll be the ultimate winner of hosting a successful game day at your home!

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