What To Expect When Building a Lennar Home

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You drive up to a quiet, tree-lined street in one of the area’s most desirable neighborhoods. Waiting there is a gorgeous, modern home that looks just like you’ve always imagined. Whether you’re coming back from a day of work or a week of vacation, you know that the greatest comfort in the world is all yours just inside…

Building a beautiful new living space with Lennar is an experience unlike any other. From beginning to end, we make sure that you feel confident in where you’re heading (and actually enjoy the ride while you’re at it). Before we hand you the keys to your all-time dream space, here’s what you can expect when you build with our caring, knowledgeable, and fun Lennar team:

8 Steps to Homeownership

1.Calculate Affordability:

The “big purchase” may seem intimidating, especially when you aren’t sure how much home you could afford after costs like your down payment and monthly debt. Need help? We’re here! Use our Home Affordability Calculator to estimate the mortgage that works best for you, and check out other useful tips.

2. Get Pre-Approved:

During this step, your lender will verify your financial status, credit, and down payment to approve you for a loan (up to a certain amount). Easy as 1-2-3.

3. Shop the Market:

The fun begins! This is when you determine your must-haves in a new Lennar home — make sure to tour model homes, research neighborhoods, compare homes, and get an idea for the kinds of features and amenities you want in and around your home.

Family home shopping

4. Sign Purchase Agreement:

A legally-binding contract, the Purchase Agreement is made up of your intent to purchase and the terms and conditions you agree to. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Take a look at the rest of the components of our Purchase Agreement, so you’ll be nothing but confident when it’s your turn to sign.

signing paperwork for new home

5. Purchase Home Insurance:

There’s nothing more exciting than preparing for closing day — and one of the most important things you can do in the meantime is to purchase home insurance. Insuring your new home guarantees that your investment is adequately protected and you’re on top of your mortgage requirements.

6. Schedule Final Walkthrough:

You’re almost home! Once your living space is completed, final inspections and checks will be conducted, and our team will take you through your initial walkthrough, where you’ll assess your home and get a feel for everything. Your final walkthrough comes next… can you taste the champagne yet?

Carolina Park | Lennar Charleston

7. Close On Your Home:

The big day’s almost here… make sure to bring your photo ID and certified funds to the closing. After you review and sign the required documents, you’ll officially be a Lennar homeowner. Welcome!

getting the keys to your new home

8. Move In: Need we say more? However you choose to move in to your new home, this day is yours to enjoy. Step inside and take it all in — your most extraordinary days are just ahead. And they start now.

Couple purchased new home

With Lennar by your side, the road to move-in day will be smooth sailing. We can’t wait to get started! For more information about our remarkable new homes in Pennsylvania and Deleware, contact us here.

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