The tech gifts moms want

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Need some last minute ideas for a Mother’s Day gift? Consider the gift of technology. Whether the latest tablet, a new smart phone, or a voice-activated assistant, tech gifts make mom’s life easier. Ann Stych shares more gift ideas in this recent Business Journals article. 

It’s true: Moms love tech.

If there’s something that can make her life easier without her having to to write code or read a multi-page manual, she’s all in.

The Consumer Technology Association found that 20 percent of moms hope to get a tech device for Mother’s Day, and while 93 percent of them want a device that has been around for a while, like a cell phone or tablet, 76 percent want something newer, like a voice-activated smart speaker, Fortune reports.

Amazon just announced a partnership with homebuilder Lennar to set up some model homes across the country as “Alexa Experience Centers.” The models will show potential buyers how the voice-activated virtual assistant can be used to help them control smart-technology enabled devices like the television, lights, thermostat and shades, per Chain Store Age.

Although soon we’ll be able to ask Alexa to turn on the TV to catch our favorite show, few of us are currently living in a fully tech-integrated HGTV smart home.

So for the time being, you might want to consider these other tech gifts to make mom’s day easier:

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