Five Hot Interior Design Trends for New Homes in 2020

Lennar Utah

We are always looking to see which style and décor trends are hot from season to season, so that we can decorate our model homes to reflect what today’s modern and fashionable homebuyers seek. Here are a few looks that reflect what’s trending right now and expected to continue throughout the spring season – with some tips of how you can get these looks in your brand new home.

1.Green Accents

home decor trend 2020 green

There are so many easy ways to incorporate this trend at home. As you can see in this model we did it by painting three walls within a den in a statement-style forest green. But, you could do this at home without having to get out the painting tools. Some simple green throw pillows, plants or pieces of art coordinated throughout a room – or several rooms – of your choice and your good to go. It’s also easy to trade those items out when you are in the mood for a look that’s new.

2. Earth Tones

home decor trend 2020 earth tones

Although green accents might feel like it would fit within the trending décor style of Earth Tones, this concept is more focused on neutrals. Minimalism and eco-conscious movements are gaining in popularity among the design world, which is why this trend makes a lot of sense for the season. We’ve incorporated it here by using lots of browns, natural materials such as wood and leather – and then weaved in a gorgeous but muted blue to complete this earth-inspired color scheme.

3. Boho

home decor trend 2020 eclectic boho

It seems this trend continues to thrive – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get an annual update! Boho décor is trending all over the nation, but it looks best when used in the right balance. In this adorable nursery, we chose a chunky knit rug with lots of texture in muted colors, which we then complemented in the bedding, ombre curtains and wall piece selections. The wood panel wall treatment is mellow enough to not steal the show, and the reclaimed wood dresser and staple poof completes this chic boho design.

4. Geometric Patterns

home decor trend 2020 geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have been getting hotter and hotter – and there are so many ways to implement this trend without feeling like your home space is too sharp and angular. In this cozy spare bedroom, we opted for a backsplash-inspired wall paper with a geometric chevron pattern, but in muted colors to keep the overall look serene. The pattern of the throw pillows and spherical art piece complete this look.

5. Black and White

home decor trend 2020 black and white

A classic décor theme, this one comes in and out of being among the top interior design trends and it’s back for the spring season. We implemented it here with a simple approach. We opted to pull it off via the furniture and accessories, such as the bar stools, dining table and curtains, which plays off the all-white kitchen for a bold overall look.

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