5 Ways to Reduce Your Family’s School-Morning Madness!

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With fall break here and gone, the back-to-school mentality is back. Groceries are stocked up for the upcoming week back, School supplies and clothes are ready to go, and there’s plenty of time every morning to get the kids ready for school! Right? Umm… let’s check that.

The lazy days during Fall Break are over, and with parents’ morning mayhem returning with a hair-on-fire vengeance, it feels impossible to be ready. However – we are here to help! Here are five time-saving hacks to make those frenzied hours before the school bell rings a bit less chaotic. 

Some of the best news is that Lennar’s new homes for sale in Nashville, TN are located in ideal settings across the Middle Tennessee area and situated close to the area’s best school districts.

Most Lennar communities are within 10 miles of top-rated elementary, middle and high schools. For instance, Lennar’s Murfreesborocommunities, including Blackman StationBlackman MeadowsBrighton Park, and Valleybrook, are within the award-winning Rutherford County Schools, and located close to the Blackman Schools (Blackman Elementary, Blackman Middle and Blackman High School).

Everything’s Included® – including excellent proximity – in Lennar’s new homes, namely features that make life simpler. All of our new communities offer Home Automationprofessionally designed gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, upgraded countertops, and luxury hard surface flooring – all included in the price you see. These homes also offer Lennar’s Certification of Wi-Fi Connectivity to help with homework and other day-to-day needs.

Here’s some homework we did for you to prepare you for the testy back-to-school days:

  • Sleep: We all need sleep, but children ages six to twelve need up to 12 hours a night, according to Today’s Parent. That might not sound like a back-to-school problem, but if waking ‘em up is a bear, sleep might solve the resultant morning time crunch.
  • Consistency: Create a routine and stick to it! One way to do that is to print out a checklist that might also include a Chore Board. Design a weekly list of quick and easy chores each kid has to do every morning before a school day.
  • Breakfast: Once the chores are done, make the most important meal of the day, family time! That adds group energy and Pinterest is full of quick breakfast ideas to try with the kids!
  • Lunch: Have the kids take turns packing each other’s lunches the night before! That kind of fun “sibling rivalry” can be tasty, and adventurous! Letting them find their own favorite lunchbox recipes creates even more fun!
  • ROCK OUT! The kid who’s up and at’em first gets to ask your built-in Alexa to play their favorite playlist as LOUD as they want, to get everyone up and ready for the day!

For more information about Lennar’s new homes for sale in Nashville, TN, visit our website and call our licensed Internet Sales Consultant, Erin, at 615-236-8076!

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