Pokémon Go’s Austin roots

Lennar Austin

Have you joined the Pokémon craze? Austin is already a natural hotspot for Pokémon with its abundant parks, schools and landmarks throughout the city. But did you know John Hanke CEO of Niantic Labs (creators of Pokémon Go App) and Bill Kilday VP of Marketing of Niantic are both UT Austin Alumni? It’s no surprise then that Austin Pokémon Go Facebook Group has over 3,700 Facebook followers and increasing in number daily. (Pokémon GO Austin).

Members of the group share screen shots of their victories, requests for back up and tips for success. Special events and meet ups are also broadcast for members to gather in person and hunt as a team for Pokémon. This trend has led to many Austin businesses such as bars, restaurants and other retailers throughout the city to promote themselves by purchasing lures and attracting Pokémon and their fans to visit their businesses.

It isn’t just retailers benefiting form this social phenomenon. Austin area animal centers have paired Pokémon Go players with shelter dogs to get them out and exercised as well as promote adoption of pets.

Although there have been several reports of theft, trespassing and traffic accidents, the craze has not slowed down. CNN reported on the first Pokémon player to catch all available Pokémon in the U.S.  Nick Johnson, resident of Brooklyn, New York is now receiving support from Marriot Rewards to help him continue his journey to truly “Catch ‘em all” and will assist him in traveling internationally. Marriott Rewards will partner with him as he travels to Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Full report here.

If you’d like to be the next to catch them all check out the links below for tips and maps on Pokémon hot spots in Austin from Austin.Curbed.com The map will even designate which Pokémon are found nearby to truly help you narrow down your hunt to catch every one!



Let us know if you catch any Pokemon in your Lennar Austin Communities and share a screen shot with #LennarAustin.

Good luck and safe and happy hunting!


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