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Diane Keaton, the beloved film star who set fashion trends with 1977’s blockbuster film Annie Hall, is now a tastemaker in home and interior designs. That’s according to Elle Décor, a glitzy design and lifestyle magazine, which just this spring published an article about Keaton’s 2017 book, The House That Pinterest Built.

Yes, Pinterest. Even the always-fabulous Keaton clicks there to check the pulse of today’s decorating trends and contemporary tastes. Of course, that’s where so many of us also go when we pine for pins that give us a glimpse into movie-star tastes and how we can live like celebrities, too.

At Lennar, Everything’s Included®, and that includes our rundown here of the hottest new interior-design styles, especially as they’re seen Pinterest. (If you’re not hip to the tipster site, Pinterest is the go-to social media platform for everyone from soon-to-be-brides to would-be bakers).

Here, then, are among the top tips from Elle Décor’s list, which may include some of your own pins and may even lead you to some of Ms. Keaton’s faves:

  • Geometric shapes, such as accent tables and tiles, have skyrocketed in popularity, with pins for the former jumping a whopping 536 percent and the latter up 238 percent
  • Houseplants can be a challenge, especially for those among us who have the sad habit of watching them wilt before our eyes. Pinterest comes to the rescue here, too, citing a blooming interest in framed prints of plants; those are up nearly 400 percent
  • Fringe isn’t on the fringe anymore. Throw pillows, which Pinterest predicted earlier this year would be trendy, are increasingly popular. So is fringed furniture. The latter, from sofas to chandeliers, rose 275 percent.
  • Homes make a statement about you, your family, your tastes and Rugs are making a statement, too. Statement rugs have the effect of turning your floor into something of a horizontal wall in a chic art gallery. Statement rugs’ trending designs range from the vivid to the vogue and from indoor/outdoor to area rugs. Colors vary, of course, but flipping through Elle Décor shopping suggestions, most appear primarily to be primary colors. Pinterest pins for statement rugs rose nearly 240 percent
  • While statement rugs may state their case with muted colors, Pinterest pinners are focusing on bolder colors off the floor. Red, for instance, is big, with a 217 percent jump in pins, while hunter green and dark blue are up slightly more than 200 percent and 139 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, HGTV says kitchens are cooking up bold colors, too.

Nina Magon, the interior-design celeb who, incidentally, graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, says “designs from cabinetry to sink materials” are taking on stronger hues than in years past:

“Expect to see bolder color choices that range from natural neutrals to charcoal to sage providing a more chic and sophisticated alternative to modern homes. To complement the darker palette, we can also expect to see a shift from stainless and all white sinks to more color-rich materials such as copper, concrete, and granite.”

Some of the latter design features are included in some Lennar models, so ask your Lennar Design Center professional about those and other options, as well as tips about how you can pin down some of today’s top trends. Then create the home interior that appeals to the movie star in you.

For more about Lennar resources, talk with your New Home Consultant or, while you’re busy clicking through Pinterest’s Home section, visit our online Resource Center.

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