Lights Up! Illuminating Ideas to Add Shimmer to Your New Home

Lennar Dallas/Ft. Worth

So it was in the beginning, let there be light—and yet somehow homeowners often overlook the most crucial part of interior design. Choosing the perfect lighting throughout your new home can illuminate your tastes, needs, and even your lifestyle.

Everything’s Included® in Lennar’s new homes for sale throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. That’s great news for home buyers since  those highly sought after, state-of-the-art lighting and fixtures are already standard in a new home. That includes LED lighting, and depending on the home design, recessed, or other specialty fixtures.

For instance, energy-saving LED lights shimmer in new homes for sale in Fate, TX at Woodcreek. Meanwhile at Waterbrook, kitchen countertops are illuminated with under cabinet lighting in new homes for sale in Argyle, TX.

Lighting choices can make all the difference in a new home’s ambiance, according to interior-design experts. Lighting evokes emotion, creating an atmosphere of elegance or playfulness, subdued relaxation, or vibrant entertaining.

Everyone knows about first impressions, but how much thought, really, goes into foyer lighting? As with the dining room, chandeliers are a must, pros say. The kind you settle on can determine what kind of “wow” you want to inspire.

Remember, lighting should fit each room’s purpose. Kitchens and bathrooms, for instance, need task-centered light. Warm or natural light is best in the bathroom, while kitchen islands can benefit from pendant or artisan lighting.  Stylized fixtures can also be tied together in the living and dining areas.

Have fun in those open-concept spaces. Mix soft and bright lighting in a broad array of overhead, floor, and table lamps. Lampshades and brilliance levels can amplify your décor.

Don’t cut corners—that is, fill unused spaces with light—and don’t forget walls. Remember, too, that harsh lighting in other parts of the room can cast unsightly shadows in dimmed spots. Add wall sconces. Take a tip from museums and illuminate framed pieces.

Don’t forget the sun. The Metroplex bathes under an average of about 30 more days of sunshine than the rest of the U.S., so let nature work some magic.

Think color, too. Humans can detect 10 million hues, which are simply reflections of light. Sure, you’d be hard-pressed to find a retailer that offers that many colors, but at least consider the possibilities. After all, colorful splashes shouldn’t be limited to just the holidays.

To see other ways Lennar can illuminate all of the bright opportunities for a new home in the Metroplex,  call the Dallas-Fort Worth Internet New Home Consutants at (866) 314-4477.

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