Try These Garage Hacks to Organize Your New Lennar Home’s Largest Storage Space

Lennar Dallas

Buckets and bins. Pegboards and baby-food jars. Shelves and more shelves. We’ve all seen handy things to organize the garage, but even these may require DIY handyman talents that some of us simply don’t have.

Here at Lennar, with 85 communities boasting new homes for sale throughout the Dallas Metroplex, we know a thing or two about your home’s single-largest storage space. So we offer some fun, simple and inexpensive tips to keep your garage in good order:

  • Find a wooden warehouse pallet and bolt it to or lean it against a wall to make a perfect storage space for long-handled tools, such as rakes, shovels, and brooms.
  • Use coat hooks to hang just about anything from anywhere. Use short links of chain on the hooks to hold a hose, a long orange extension cord or cables.
  • Attach a Styrofoam swimming noodle to a wall, make slices in the noodle and slide your fishing or fly rods into the slices.
  • To store the kids’ soccer balls, basketballs and kick balls, suspend a pair of ropes from the ceiling a ball-width apart. Attach the ends to the floor and simply stack the balls between the ropes.
  • Magnetic strips are great for hanging up small hand tools, scissors and the like.
  • Store old paint in Mason jars so you can see the colors and pitch the big messy cans.
  • Convert an old filing cabinet into a storage space to file away heavy, greasy stuff. Or lay it on its side and pull out a drawer or two and use it to store baskets, buckets and garden tools. Visit your nearby school district and see if they have any used lockers.
  • Use rubber-coated hooks to hang your bicycles from the ceiling or walls. Also: ask an eatery close to your new Lennar home for a used pickle bucket, which also makes for a great carryall for your helmet, gloves and other road gear
  • Don’t forget the ceilings. Your new Lennar home, where Everything’s Included®, includes ample overhead space. So use it to hang racks, lengths of pipe, slats or shelving for bins, boxes, and baskets.
  • Old golf-club bags make clever containers, and since they have straps, they’re easy to hang. Slide baseball bats, hockey sticks and garden implements into them.
  • Your spacious and once-pristine Lennar garage is perfect for parking. So use masking tape to designate parking spaces for your children’s trikes, scooters, and wagons. Or, if you’re super-creative, make a mini-garage using power tools and those amazing DIY handyman skills.

For more information about new Lennar homes for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth, visit our website and contact us here or call an Internet New Home Consultant at 866-314-4477.

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