Reasons to Love Living in the Puget Sound: Fresh Farmer’s Markets

Lennar Seattle

Seattle, Wash. – April 2019 – Springtime brings joy for so many reasons – warmer weather, blooming flowers, longer sunny days and the return of our beloved Farmer’s Markets. The Pacific Northwest is known for its great climate and sustainably-driven lifestyle, and April marks the return of the Farmer’s Market season, which in most areas runs through October. Here are just a few reasons to admire, love and motivate you to head to yours:

Value. Not only are Farmer’s Markets the easiest way to get the freshest produce, fruits, eggs and more – typically you can get all those benefits at a cheaper price. Cutting the middle man out allows you to save big while eating and feeding your family better quality, for less!

Fresh. When you prepare produce from the grocery store, you would never even imagine that food was picked from the day before. Taking home fresh produce, eggs or vegetables from a Farmer’s Market is an entirely different story. You can taste the difference. Grown to perfection and picked at the perfect moment, enjoying or preparing food from a Farmer’s Market will bring a whole new appreciation to any dish.

Eggcellency. We talked about produce being picked the day prior, but the eggs – well, those were likely laid fresh this morning. Chock full of protein, vitamins and a yolk that’s a true and deep yellow, eggs are one of the markets’ best finds.

Oh, honey! Bees are incredible creatures and the local ones have been known to cure allergies sparked by pollen and other local irritants with their honey. It’s well documented a spoon full of locally-sourced honey a day will keep the doctor and your allergies away. Plus, it’s delicious!

Flowers. The ultimate way to make someone’s day, brighten up a hallway, living room, office or any part of a home. Get freshly grown, picked, beautiful flowers at a great price – while supporting your community in a direct way.

Tasty food trucks. Farmer’s Markets are more than a shopping trip, they are a night out and fun local experience! Usually decorated by a number of local food trucks, it’s an easy way to grab tasty bites to fuel your journey.

Chill out. You don’t have to rush! Many people enjoy the slow and easy-going experience a Farmer’s Market provides. Take time and stroll slower than you would down a street you walk down every day. Stop and smell the roses!

Find your spot. As new home builders, we do more than build homes – we create communities. Which is why we choose where we build carefully. Right now, we have more than 25 active communities that spread from Lacey to Lake Stevens. If you’re a new Lennar homeowner or looking for the perfect town and community to make your move, try checking out any of these Farmer’s Markets that are now open:

Get inspired to live in a place you love. If you’re in the market for a new home – come see what our communities are made of and check out a local Farmer’s Markets today!

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