Security Strategies to Feel at Home in Your New Home

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So you’ve just moved in or you are counting down the days until you can spend your first night in your brand-new home. Discovering your new neighbors and community is one of the most exciting parts of the journey. So as you meet your new neighbors, it’s comforting to establish a level of trust that comes from having an extra set of eyes on your home while returning the favor. When putting together your family’s home safety plan, here are some key topics to consider:

  1. Community Watch Group: If your homeowner’s association does not already have one organized, feel free to get one started. It typically involves a small group of neighbors who agree to walk around the community at various times to make sure there’s no funny business.
  2. Ring® Video Doorbell: You’ll find one in your new home as part of our signature Everything’s Included® program. Not only will it be easier to sleep at night, but you can also go about your day relaxed with real-time monitoring straight from your smartphone.
  3. Basic Home Security: Make sure that everyone in your family knows the basic protocol at night, including making sure all doors are locked, windows are closed and the garage is closed at night.
  4. Fire Precautions: Make sure your smoke alarms are always in working order and that your fire hydrant is serviced annually. Additionally, educate every member of the family on what to do in the case of a home fire and what the best escape plan is for specific situations.
  5. Emergency Contact Information: Have a sheet with the local resources as well as your main emergency contacts displayed in a public place that anyone can easily find should it quickly be needed.
  6. Pet Safety: Don’t forget your four-legged buddies! Consider getting one of the stickers to alert firefighters in case of an emergency how many pets to look for. And, appoint one family member to take the lead should it ever arise.

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