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The home office serves different purposes for different families. Sometimes it’s where important documents are stored, and the bills get paid. Maybe it’s where the family computer lives and gets used by the children. Or perhaps, it’s mom or dad’s workspace – full or part-time. No matter what this room’s main function serves, there are several ways to personalize it and make it your own.

Make Functional Fun

  • The desk is the main focus in an office and most likely where most if not all your time will be spent, so why not make it a statement piece? Depending on who uses it, find a desk with a style that’s modern, fun and doesn’t feel clunky.
  • Think vertical when it comes to shelving and storage. You don’t need to have everything in a dull-looking file cabinet or out on a table top.

Get Artsy

  • Incorporate pieces of art to instantly give your home office personality. There are hundreds of websites that make it easy to find a print or piece of art to reflect every type of style, from kids to dads and everyone in between. Get it framed and voila, instant chic.
  • Consider incorporating a gallery wall to add character and visual interest. If you don’t know where to start, head over to Pinterest, where you’ll find plenty of templates with sizes and layouts. All you have to do is choose the artwork to fill them in!

Bring in Green

  • Plants bring life to any space and your home office shouldn’t be any different. Adding a few green friends into your space will brighten up the atmosphere. Depending on how much light your office gets and your green thumb skill level, there are a variety of indoor plants to suit your environment.

Add Your Color

  • Choose a color or color scheme that speaks to you instead of going with what’s trendy. You can paint the walls or choose just one to make a statement, or add in bright pieces of furniture or office supplies for a fun look that can easily be traded and changed out.

Let the Light in

  • There’s no substitute for natural light, which makes a space feel bigger while also helping us stay connected to the great outdoors. It will help your indoor plants thrive and bring more sunshine to your workday.

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