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As we approach 2021, we’re feeling ready to hit the ground running. And what better way to gear up for the new year and close out 2020 than in the home?

Here are our top tips for starting the New Year in a NEW home:

Shake Off the Old

Before moving into the new year, shed the old, the clutter, and the things that no longer bring you joy.

  • Survey your home and perform a deep, ruthless clean.
  • Recruit your family and housemates to do the same.
  • When the clearout is complete, donate it to a local church, Salvation Army, or Goodwill.
Lennar Atlanta

Organize What Remains

Your home is clutter-free. Now what? If you want to go into the new year feeling fresh and ready to tackle life, it’s time to get organized. Order storage bins for seasonal clothes, acrylic trays for cosmetics and stationery, and bamboo separators to help keep your clothes and junk drawer in order. Sort and file paperwork and essential documents, color coordinate your closet, alphabetize your books, CDs, etc. The goal of organizing is to create efficiency, so keep this in mind when you’re at work. When your home is streamlined, your life is streamlined. Keeping an organized home will allow you to have more time, more clarity, and more energy. Leave no cabinet, refrigerator, shed, garage, desk, or vanity unorganized.

Decorate for the New Year

You don’t need to redecorate your home every year, but it’s always nice to refresh your interior design, add some modern updates, and remove outdated decor. Refreshing your space can mean swapping out old photographs from frames and replacing them with current shots, and taking last year’s artwork off the refrigerator. It can also mean trading in an old dingy sofa for something more modern and comfortable, or finally swapping out that hard as a rock mattress for something a bit plusher. However, you choose to update your home and space, consider the functionality and how it will improve or enhance your daily life or make it easier.

Lennar Atlanta

Create Your Goals

For aspiring homeowners, your New Years’ prep will look a bit different. If you’re ready to invest in a new home in 2021, this is the time to create a plan and some attainable and actionable goals. First, discover your dream community. Whether you’re a growing family, a young professional, or at any other point in your life, there is a Lennar community that’s perfect for you.

Next, select your location. Do you want to be in Atlanta’s vibrant downtown or a quaint lakeside suburb? Do you want a luxury single-family home or a low-maintenance townhome? Once you decide on the community and floorplan, you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll need to save to buy the home of your dreams. Our Internet Sales Coordinators are available to assist you with your search and guide you in your new home buying journey.

If you’re in market to purchase a new home and want to learn more about buying a new Lennar home in Atlanta, visit our website or you can connect with our Lennar Atlanta Internet Sales Coordinators directly here.

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