Social Distancing this Easter

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It’s Easter time in Atlanta, and while this typically means palms, events, Easter egg hunts, pastel ties, and white dresses, brunch mimosas, and a Sunday service – this year is shaping up to look a bit different. Restaurants and churches have temporarily closed their doors, and all events are canceled. So how will you spend your Easter Sunday social distancing style?

Below we provide a few ideas to make your Easter as normal as possible during these uncertain times:

Easter egg hunt

Whether you have kids, dogs, or a playful partner – Easter egg hunts are an age-old tradition we can all get excited about. If you don’t have plastic eggs on hand, get creative! You can hide real eggs and assign different colors to different prizes. For example, if you find an egg with blue polka dots, you get a Reese’s. An egg with a yellow star – a Hershey’s Kiss. Adjust the reward system based on the age of the participants. You can hide eggs throughout your home, backyard, or both!

Play a little Easter prank

We could all use a laugh these days, and this Easter-themed prank is sure to deliver just that. Parents with teens – this one is for you. Executing this prank is simple – start with a raw egg (one for each person you want to prank), melt chocolate, and coat the egg with the chocolate. Sprinkle with Easter-themed sprinkles and place in the refrigerator for a few hours. Serve the chocolate covered egg and watch them bite in. You can guess what happens next. Don’t forget to record for Tik Tok!

Paint eggs

Another classic Easter tradition and the perfect #stayhome activity for the holiday? Egg painting. Start by hard-boiling the eggs, setting up the paints and craft supplies, then gather everyone around for a little family time. Make it interesting for your older kiddos with a competitive twist. Have prizes for “Funniest,” “Most Creative,” “Most Disturbing,” etc. When you’re done, after pictures and as long as the little ones won’t be too crushed, crack the eggshells and make some deviled-eggs to serve as an appetizer.

Create little Easter bundles

If there’s a quiet, secluded place outdoors you like to go for fresh air or a walk, take your family there Easter weekend to collect pine cones, twigs, berries, and leaves. Forage for supplies while getting in a little exercise, then when you go back home – create little bundles with hemp and twine. These fragrant little creations are perfect for decorating your table settings for Easter brunch.

Enjoy an outdoor meal

Many of us have sacred Easter morning traditions. Some of us attend church, some gather at a family member’s home, and many of us enjoy a meal with loved ones. While large gatherings are off the table for this year’s celebration – that doesn’t mean you need to neglect the meal. Whether it’s just you at home, or you have a large family – enjoy a meal outdoors – if the weather permits. Set-up your outdoor dining on your patio and fire up the grill to make a traditional Easter feast. If you have a grassy backyard, grab a blanket and a little picnic and escape to the greenest patch. Have fun setting up your dining experience, and don’t forget to display your little Easter bundle. 

Set-up a virtual gathering

Not seeing family members for this extended period is trying – but there are still ways to connect in this digital age. Houseparty app, for example, allows you to play board and card games with friends and family in a digital game room. It’s free to download, easy to use, and you can play for as long as you’d like! Download the app, invite your friends, and let the games begin. If your family typically attends a church service on Easter morning – these are now digitally available to participate in as well. Below are some live streaming services available on Sunday morning.

Easter means something different to everyone, and we all have different traditions and ways to celebrate. Whatever you typically do on Easter Sunday – try to bring a bit of that into your quarantine Easter experience too. There are creative ways of finding normalcy in these, not normal times. However, you choose to spend your day – we hope you enjoy it and we thank you for staying home.

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