9 secret interior design tricks that will transform your home

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It’s easy to fall in love with the cleverly curated spaces that fill our Pinterest feeds. But no matter how many boards we create, there’s really only one person who can bring all of our “pinspirations” to life: the interior designer. A creative director, best friend, and therapist combined, they have the ability to help translate a vision into a reality that is at once beautiful and functional. So instead of pinning another round of DIYs that we’ll never get around to actually doing, we’re going to the experts.

From ways to avoid the dreaded “Room in a box” look, to dressing your room like you dress yourself, our interior experts share their rules for a designer job well done.


“Don’t be scared to mix patterns and textures! That’s exactly how you’re going to give the space some character and depth. You may be weary about mixing a Mongolian fur pillow with a bold Ikat patterned pillow, but do it! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can bring new life to a mundane space.” – Laurel Startzel

“I like to compare styling to the jewelry rule, you know, always remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. You see, no matter what the space, styling can go wrong just by layering or adding one too many items.” – Gina Baran


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“Once you have determined your foundational furniture pieces, take inventory of the leg and arm features, the overall silhouette, and the finishes. Source additional pieces that mimic the same silhouette or leg and arm profile. In other words, find a common feature in the furniture selections that will produce a consistent look throughout the room.” – Kimberlie Wade

“Have you ever noticed furniture companies running sales on an entire bedroom set? I know it is tempting to snag a good deal and get everything all at once, but don’t do it! Your house will feel like a showroom display. I style rooms like I do my outfits. If I am wearing a polka dot shirt, I am not going to wear a scarf, pants, and shoes with the same exact print. Everything should blend together without being an exact match. It is more pleasing to the eyes and senses when a room has an organic flow.” – Ashley Cason


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“Avoid what I call “the room in a bag look.” Source items from different collections or vendors to avoid the everything matches appearances. Combining items from multiple collections or retailers gives the appearance that each item has it’s own unique story and contributes to the room’s curated look.” – Kimberlie Wade

“Consider the ceiling as part of the overall design. Oftentimes, the ceiling is the last part of the home to get love, but if you focus on this aspect sooner, it becomes an interesting piece of the design. Paint it a color other than white, maybe even wallpaper it!” – Megan Stolley


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“Odd numbers always provide a dynamic look in a space. Create gallery walls in groups of 3, 5, 7, or 9, or hang pendant lights in groups of 3-5. Decorative trays, boxes, and picture frames can also be positioned as a trio on a dresser or a credenza. If you find a wonderful piece that deserves it’s own spotlight, then let it shine and highlight it in the room as a solo feature.” – Kimberlie Wade

“Is there a WOW factor? A space must have one item that instantly catches your eye when you enter the room whether it be a piece of art, a coffee table, or throw pillows made from amazing fabric.” – Gina Baran


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“Never push your furniture against the wall! It breaks the flow of the room and by placing it a few inches in front of the wall, you instantly warm up a space. It’s everyone’s first instinct to place furniture against a wall, but resist the urge and pull it out just a few inches.” – Megan Stolley

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