Create Your Own At-Home Sanctuary

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Our homes are supposed to be where we relax and unwind from a long day, but sometimes work and chaos follows you home, invading your space. There are so many simple ways to eliminate stress in your home and keep it your personal sanctuary.

Sort, Store, and Shine

The number one way to keep your home stress-free is to keep it clean. Remember to sort, store, and shine after meals, cooking, or entertaining. By tackling messes right away, you reduce the mess you’d need to clean later and develop a healthy cleaning habit.

Create a Place for Everything

When decorating your home and organizing things, it’s best to make everything have its own place. This makes it easier to clean when you know what goes where, and reduces the amount of clutter that seems thrown about. It’s important to remember when you add something new to your space, to give it a proper home.

Keep it Minimal

Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic, it’s a lifestyle. This doesn’t mean taking away your style, it means reducing your rooms down to its simplest form, keeping what you need. This could be a comfortable piece of furniture, lighting that suits your needs, and small beautiful decor items such as a lily or tall trailing ivy plant to keep your space functional and minimal. Having as little clutter as possible allows stress-free energy to move freely around your home.

Soften The Lighting

Think about the places that make you feel relaxed and what kind of lighting you find there. For example, at the beach you have sunny warm glow, in spas you find candles and low lights, and coffee shops provide soft lamps and cozy seating. Emulate these soothing locations by bringing the warm glow into your home. Swap fluorescent cool lighting with warmer tones such as soft pink bulbs. Candles not only bring the soft glow you want, but also bring in soothing smells to further relax the senses.

Transform the Bathroom into a Spa

Whether you have a large tub or just a shower, you can make any bathroom into an oasis. By hanging fresh eucalyptus on the showerhead it will bring out the scent with the hot water and steam. This is great for clearing your head and respiratory system, spreading the scent throughout the space. Of course if you have a soaking tub, bath oils and salts will bring the same feelings and smells into your bathroom spa.

Create a Bedroom Oasis

We all feel the most stress-free being cozy and curled up in our own beds, elevate this feeling by keeping the room always tidy. Many keep the TV out of the bedroom which keeps out all the noise and media that constantly surrounds us. Having soft and comfortable bedding, a good book on your nightstand, and a diffuser or candle on, can really make your bedroom a place to easily wind down.

Lennar Southeast Florida homes

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