How to Choose Art for Your Home

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Many questions come to mind when it’s time to buy art for your home: How do I choose? How much should I spend? How do I educate myself? While galleries seem intimidating, choosing the right piece for your home is much more intuitive and less daunting than one might think. Just follow the tips below:

Choose what you like

While everything matches in most homes when it comes to decor, art is all about expression through color, content, and texture. It doesn’t necessarily need to match. Most experts say to pick art with the heart and choose what appeals to you most. This can lead to a space that reflects you and your personality.  

Learn about the artist

To better understand the artwork, learn more about the artist and why they created the piece. This can open your mind to who they are and help the art resonate with you more. Many contemporary galleries feature artists in person and offer profiles of them online.

It’s possible to trade or make a payment plan

It never hurts to ask about a payment plan to an artist or curator. If it’s slightly above your budget, some artists don’t mind negotiating price when you’re truly in love with their piece.

Choose to act fast than to regret later

Many times a piece may resonate with you but you may decide not to invest at the current moment. This leaves open the possibility that it might not be there when you go looking for it later, and you could miss out on the perfect piece for you. You’ll know an art piece is for you when you’re still thinking about it after you leave the gallery.

Take advantage of local art events

These events are a great place to find up-and-coming artists and unique artwork. You could find great deals on local art or invest in an artist who could become a big name someday.

Look at paper works and value framing

You could save a lot when purchasing works on paper rather than canvas. However, these pieces often times are sold unframed. Buying an inexpensive frame is a perfect solution to this. Just make sure the mats touching the artwork are acid-free, in order to keep the artwork intact, and not cause it to deteriorate or discolor.

Commission artwork

Although sometimes a little more costly, commissioning a piece is a great way to get the perfect size needed in a space from an artist you love. Make sure the artist you choose to work with has experience commissioning pieces, as well as speak to former clients of the artists to know their experience. However, when commissioning artwork, don’t get caught up in requesting too much. Give them a loose framework that will allow them to work freely and develop something in their style for you to enjoy.

choosing artwork for your home

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