Low-Cost Ways to Refresh Your Living Spaces

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After spending a LOT of time at home this year, you might be looking for ways to refresh your living space. Perhaps you tried a few trends that don’t look quite as fresh as they once did, or the wall color you once loved now feels drab and outdated. No need to worry! There are so many simple ways to make big changes to your living space without spending a lot.

Change Up Kitchen Hardware

Swap out your kitchen faucet, upgrade a minor appliance, or change the style and finish of your cabinet handles. All of these can make your kitchen feel new again, and the possibilities are endless and affordable. By matching a trendy brass faucet with brass handles, you can create a whole new aesthetic in your kitchen. Mixing and matching tones, textures, or colors can add layers of visual intrigue!

Create A Statement Wall

This DIY project is a major way to create a change in the scenery without spending so much time or money. Typically, we see accent walls as a pop of color or variant of your wall color, but don’t be afraid to try a trendy pattern. Wallpaper is making a comeback! Adding removable wallpaper to an accent wall can breathe new life into any room.

refresh your living space

Switch Up Throw Pillows & Rugs

Making these two decor items match or contrast can give your living room the spruce it needs. Matching them to your mood or season can keep your space looking and feeling relevant. If the space is feeling dull, bright vibrant colors could spruce up the room, or if you wish to feel more grounded, earthy natural tones are the way to go. The positioning of your rug can bring a whole new dynamic. Try placing it at an angle and create a new flow to the room!

Dress Up The Windows

Swap out old blinds for flowy new curtains, a set of roman blinds – or both – to bring the eye up, as well as add layers and depth. Adding a new color curtain rod or window framing is a simple move that can completely transform the look of your space.

Bring In New Bedding

Replacing the bedding on the centerpiece of the bedroom can bring so much new life to your room. Try cozy neutral-colored bedding to give a down-to-earth feel that you can decorate around boldly, or make the bed the center of your decor with fun patterns and textures that make the room feel dynamic.

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Hopefully, these helpful tips are just what you were looking for when trying to spruce up the home. Refreshing your interiors on the cheap is an easy way to create a sense of rejuvenation in your life!

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