Tips for Making the Most of Your Garage

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Garages tend to become a storage unit where seasonal items, old toys, and unwanted junk gets piled up, collect dust, and taking up space. Soon enough, your car gets kicked to the curb because your garage is overflowing with stuff.

Here are four tips on how to avoid – and fix – a cluttered garage:

Ditch and Donate

Nobody needs five different shovels or a bucket full of miscellaneous screws and bolts, so toss them! Spend a day digging through boxes and bins and get real with yourself and then part with items you no longer use or need. Organize a community yard sale or collect and drop unused items at your local donation stop. Just by doing this your garage will look and feel cleaner.

Utilize Space Better

When you think about organizing a space, you immediately think of shelves and boxes, but have you ever considered using the ceiling? Neatly organize with wall-hugging shelves and space-saving boxes, you can also hoist up certain items on the ceiling, such as bikes or canoes to save much-needed space.

garage storage tips

Give Everything a Space

If you’re a passionate DIY’er, yardwork enthusiast, or love an array of sports, you might have a lot of stuff in your garage. It’s important to set up your garage with zones, giving everything its own space. If you’re looking to have a “workshop”, set up a pegboard and workbench in one corner of the garage. This allows you to organize tools up on the pegboard, sort all your favorites on the table and stow some away underneath in organized containers.

Try Creative Garage Hacks

A lot of items you have in the garage may be awkward and take up too much space. Get creative and use some of these garage hacks to organize those scattered items:

  • If you find yourself with paint cans that are almost empty, put the excess paint into mason jars to save shelf space.
  • Label your bins so they’re easier to identify and put the bins away on a shelf.
  • Display the tools you use often, like screwdrivers, scissors, or wrenches, on your workbench for easy access.
  • Wrap extension cords around wall hooks for easy access and usage. You’ll never have to untangle cords again!
  • Dedicate a bin for all your sports equipment, like basketballs, footballs or tennis rackets/balls. This allows for easy access (and stops balls from rolling away!).

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Organizing your garage can simplify your life and allow for a more fun and better utilized space. The goal is to keep your space organized, functional, and easy to navigate to ensure that you can use your garage to its full potential.

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