Get Cozy Outside with an Outdoor Fireplace

Lennar Palm Beach

Backyards are a big perk to owning a home, as you can create your own personal oasis. Creating a space that welcomes good times where you can create family memories is what every homeowner dreams of. One unique feature that’s becoming more popular is having your own outdoor fireplace. 

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Lennar Palm Beach

If you’ve been thinking about adding a fire pit to your outdoor space, here are some things to consider to make this dream, a reality.

Get Permission

Before diving deeper into this project, check with your Homeowner’s Association, county, or city ordinances to determine the laws and regulations in your area. Make sure you obtain any permits or permission you may need before any work begins. 

DIY or Hire A Pro?

You can easily DIY your own backyard fireplace with the help of videos and tutorials online. Those who have grand ideas for their setup, may need to hire a pro to ensure the process goes smoothly and give you the best results for your money. Get some quotes and compare prices for professionals to find one the best fits your vision and budget. 

Set A Budget

Budgeting is always important with any new home project, and you can set how much you’re willing to spend or break down your vision and work the budget around that. Simple free-standing fire pits, or materials to DIY, can start at under $100 to purchase at any local home improvement store. Know that if you’re looking into building a more permanent elaborate structure the prices could easily range in the $1,000s.

Pick A Location

You could already be imagining a perfect spot in your backyard as you read this! However, if you’re not sure yet, determine a location and any landscaping changes that may be necessary to make your fire pit dreams a reality. Keep in mind that your spot should have a flat level surface as well as have enough distance away from your home, other outdoor structures, and trees. 

Practice Fire Safety

No matter how big or small your fireplace is, it’s essential to always practice fire safety. Find a list online to follow, and make sure all family members and friends who will be using it know the safety measures they should be keeping. Depending on your structure, it’s recommended to use a spark screen and avoid using your fire pit on a windy day. Make sure kids aren’t left unattended around the open flames and always keep a fire extinguisher handy as a precaution.

Learn Fire Pit Care

In order to get the best use out of your new fireplace, learn the proper ways to care for and clean it. When you’re done using it, allow flames to burn out naturally rather than pouring a large amount of water directly onto the fire, which may cause damage to the structure. Keep your fireplace covered or closed to protect it from rain and other outside elements that can damage it. 

Ready to make some memories? Keep these tips in mind when creating your cozy outdoor fireplace to have fun and stay safe!

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