The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans have long been a feature of luxury homes, but now with more stylish, attractive, and on-trend designs, ceiling fans are back and better than ever.

These days, ceiling fans are more than just blades that spin. Designers are using modern materials such as polished nickel and exotic woods, and higher-quality fans have a variety of finishes and technological advancements like remotes and apps to control lighting and speed.

With so many options, ceiling fans can tie the whole room together or make a great statement piece.

1.Wide Varieties for Any Room

When looking for ceiling fans, consider each room before picking the style and size. In a large master bathroom, adding compact ceiling fans can help eliminate humidity after showers. Smaller fans can also be used in a child’s room or basement family room to create style and functionality. Industrial style fans fit perfectly in home gyms or garage workspaces and can provide extra light and breezy cooldowns. Amplify your back patio with large, natural-looking ceiling fans that can cool things down on hot days!

2. Stylish and Beautiful Designs to Match Your Decor

With such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, you can find a ceiling fan that perfectly complements your decor and style. Traditional models with wood or bronze can bring a classic look, or going with modern metals can convey a sense of sleek minimalism.

3. Perfect to Make a Statement

Thinking outside the box and going with a striking, colorful fan can make for a wonderfully bold statement piece. Take a look at contemporary and innovative options, such as new canopy systems that work well with vaulted ceilings. A unique ceiling fan in a large, otherwise unexciting room can totally transform the space and act as an anchoring design feature than you can decorate around.

4. Energy-Efficient Options

You can now find an array of energy-saving ceiling fans that will help greatly reduce energy costs in your home. These fans can bring down the interior temperature, making a room feel cooler without changing the thermostat, which will save on your energy costs.

5. A Range of Illumination

Refreshing your home with new lighting can help create a beautiful, layered lighting design from floor to ceiling. Ceiling fans with dimming lights are a great addition to the lighting mix because they can set a calm mood. This can be useful for everything from relaxing at night with a good book to hosting an intimate cocktail party.

6. Value Year-Round

Ceiling fans are not only used to generate cooler air, but also used to circulate warm air during cooler months. Some advanced models can also improve air quality in the home by ionizing the air. Changing the direction of the blades using the small switch on the motor can change the way air is dispersed. Blades going in a counterclockwise motion cool down a space, while clockwise rotation redirects warm air throughout the room without creating a draft.

ceiling fan benefits

If you’re searching for a new home in Port St. Lucie, Lennar’s Copper Creek has wonderful single-family homes starting in the Mid $200s. And best of all, they have rooms large enough to accommodate ceiling fans – even outside! There are so many ceiling fan options, from traditional to farmhouse chic, modern to industrial, and beyond. Adding ceiling fans to your luxury home can fill each space with timeless beauty all year round.

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