Fall Crafts for Kids

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The transition from Summer to Fall is always an exciting time of year, especially for the kids as they start school again and get geared up for the holiday season. A great way to keep the kids engaged is through creative activities at home, and there’s no better time to get festive than Fall! Below, we’ve assembled some fun and easy crafts for your kids to explore in your Lennar/WCI home:

Leaf Potato Stamp

Almost every adult remembers the joys of making potato stamps as a child, and it’s the perfect activity to pass on to your children! All you need to do is grab a few potatoes and slice them in half, and then using a knife, cut your simple leaf veins into the potato. After you have your stamps made, just give the kids some autumnal colored craft paints and paper/cloth, and let them create their own unique designs using the potato stamps!

Pinecone Hedgehog

This pinecone hedgehog craft is a bit more whimsical, but just as easy to create as the classic potato stamp. Simply grab a bunch of pinecones from outdoors or pick up a bag from the store, along with a few pieces of natural colored felt (cream, brown, black), a pack or two of googly eyes, and a hot glue gun. Cut the felt into triangular shapes with rounded corners for the hedgehog face, add a black felt nose, and two eyes. Then, using a glue gun, adhere the face to the front of the pinecone so that it forms the body of the hedgehog, and there you have it—a cute and festive Fall critter your kids will love!

Leaf Suncatchers

Bring the color of autumn foliage indoors with these vibrant leaf suncatchers! To get started, grab a few large white coffee filters and cut them into leaf shapes. Set up a few trays on your granite/quartz countertops or outdoor patio, and grab a few autumnal watercolor paints. Place a leaf into the tray and let your child use an eyedropper or paintbrush to apply the liquid watercolors to the leaf cutout. If you do not have watercolor paints, simply dilute food coloring with a few drops of water. Once dried, the leaves can be adhered to a window or your patio glass door with tape or a simple adhesive—now it’s time to watch them glow in the sunlight!

There are so many fun crafts and inspired activities to get your kids excited for the Fall season. For more home tips and creative inspiration for your family, be sure to ‘like’ Lennar on Facebook.

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