Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Evelyn Reyes

Spring is here and so is the long-awaited warmer weather. It’s time to crack the windows open and let the spring breeze aerate your home. It is important to remember that spring cleaning also involves exterior home maintenance.

Welcome the spring season by getting everything checked off your list!

  • Inspect The Roof – Get a safe and stable ladder to climb up the roof and check for any signs of damage. If you notice any loose or damaged roof shingles and signs of leaking call a professional to fix the problem immediately.
  • Clean Out The Gutters – Remove all the debris and leaves from the gutters and downspouts. If the gutters have become loose or sagging reattach them to the house. Check the drainage by running a hose on the roof.
  • Spruce Up Landscaping – Take out all of your gardening tools out to get your backyard ready for all of the upcoming BBQs. Pull out all of the weeds and remove any dead trees and plants from your yard. Trim down all of your healthy plants and keep them away from utility wires and structures. Use this time to rinse down any outdoor furniture and get your sprinklers running.
  • Inspect the Driveway – Check your driveway for any cracks. If the cracks are small you can fill them up with concrete filler. However, if you feel like the damage is severe call a professional immediately.
  • Inspect Windows and Doors – Check for any leaks or holes that small critters can sneak in through. Patch up the holes and repair any damaged windows screens. Doing so will help you keep the cool air inside and save you from high electric bills in the summer.
  • Check Outdoor Faucets – Inspect all of you outdoor faucets for freeze damage. Let the water run and place your thumb over the opening. If your thumb stops the flow of water, your pipes are most likely damaged. Seek professional help immediately.
  • Service the AC Unit – Have a certified contractor come out and inspect your AC Unit. Doing so will ensure that your AC is ready to endure the approaching summer heat. Also, don’t forget to change the interior air filters regularly. 

To see the Spring Cleaning Checklist click HERE. 

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