4 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Without Leaving Home!


Labor Day is right around the corner, and although the summer season might be coming to an end, the weekend is the ideal excuse to get some activities going, soak up the sun and send summer off with one last hurrah. This holiday that celebrates our nation’s workers might look and feel a little different, but there’s still plenty of things you can do right in the comfort of your own home and backyard. To help you plan for this glorious weekend, we’ve put together a few activities and ideas that will keep you and your family busy from nine to five. So, enjoy the long weekend, your day off and get ready to create new memories that will last for a lifetime.  

Try new recipes in your kitchen

Many families take vacations during the weeks ending Labor Day weekend and look forward to exploring new flavors and smells from across the country and around the world. And although most of our vacation plans were cancelled, why not travel right from home? Use your kitchen to explore new recipes from wherever you were planning on visiting. With so many of us spending more time at home, it’s the ideal time to try something completely brand new. Dust off that recipe book in your pantry and whip up a completely new meal (and happy hour drink!) every day during Labor Day weekend.

Backyard games

Labor Day weekend is referred to as the “unofficial end of summer,” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many sunny days ahead. Take the party outside and have some fun under the sun!

  • Beat the heat by setting up a sprinkler in your backyard, where the kids can run around and keep cool. And if you’re feeling adventurous, join them for a run or two!
  • During the day, soak up the sun. And at night? Transform your backyard into the ultimate home theater. Simply gather your screen, projector, lights, some cozy cushions for seating, a basket full of goodies and put on a movie to enjoy the cool night. 
  • Play one of America’s most beloved games – cornhole! It’s a fun, family-friendly activity that will bring out your family’s competitive side. If you don’t own one or want to buy one, use the weekend for a little DIY project. Check out this easy DIY cornhole board tutorial. 
  • Are your kids upset your family’s camping plans were cancelled? No worries. Set up their tents in the backyard, fill them up with blankets, stuffed animals, snacks, toys and games. And you can end the night with scary stories and stargazing. The kids will love it and it’s perfect for Sunday night since they don’t have to go to school the next day.

Chill & grill

There’s no better way to say goodbye to summer than with one last good cookout. Fire up the grill, grab the essentials like patties, hot dogs, chicken and a variety of options so there’s something for every type of foodie at your party. Plus, Labor Day also means huge blowout sales, so if you don’t own a charcoal grill or think it’s time to upgrade, you might be able to snag one this weekend – and at an unbelievable price.

Self-care time!

Most of us go to work every day from nine to five, and on the weekends, we spend our days catching up with loved ones, doing chores or entertaining the little ones. For this Labor Day, why not take a few hours out of the day and focus on yourself. Whether it’s an at-home spa day filled with beautiful scents, bath bombs and lotions, starting that book your friend recommended to you ages ago or simply binge-watching TV until you finish the series, Labor Day weekend is a time for you to unwind, relax and enjoy an activity you normally don’t have time for.

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