Celebrate Earth Day Every Day in a New Lennar Home


New Lennar homes come outfitted to maximize energy-efficiency, so this Earth Day, why not make one change that will keep you eco-conscious all year long? Lennar uses innovative and modern building materials to create energy-efficient homes. One of the many benefits of buying a new home is that it comes complete with the latest technology, which in turn helps to save homeowner’s money on utility bills each month while lowering a residence’s carbon footprint.

As part of Lennar’s Everything’s Included® package, every new home comes filled with upscale features. Items like stainless steel appliances and granite-slab or quartz kitchen countertops elevate a home’s style appeal, but many other items come included that make everyday life easier and lower a home’s total energy usage. Little changes every day add up to big savings for the environment in the long run.

Creating a truly energy-efficient home starts during the construction process. Improved insulation techniques and a tightly sealed duct system also help control indoor airspace by eliminating any spaces or gaps for hot or cool air to escape from, or through. Programmable thermostats help to moderate the home’s temperature, so you’re never using hot or cool air when you don’t need to.

All new Lennar homes use low VOC paint, which stands for low volatile organic compounds. These paints have less harmful chemical makeup, which improves air quality both indoors and out. Dual paned low emissivity windows, commonly referred to as low-E, have protective coatings to help keep heat in during winter and out during summer. Home automation also allows for climate controlled sprinkler management, helping to reduce water used for landscaping.

Energy-star certified appliances have the U.S. Government’s seal of approval for meeting modern energy-conserving standards. Not only do these stainless steel appliances look great — they help save the environment too.

Solar packages come in select new communities and offer a revolutionary way to counter energy usage, by creating it. SunStreet™ Solar Systems, available in select communities, can help cut up to half of a home’s overall carbon dioxide emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

We build energy-efficient homes throughout the nation, visit us at www.lennar.com to start your search today!

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