Creative Bookcase Ideas for Your Home

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E-books are a convenient and smart way to store all your favorite books on one small device. However, those who value their hardbacks and paperbacks have the added luxury of displaying their collections creatively and making them a visually appealing part of your home. Bookshelves nowadays cater to modern sensibilities and oftentimes can be unique interior design statements!

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Below are some creative bookcase ideas for your home, to store your collection of literary treasures.

Under the Stairs

If you don’t know what to do with the oddly shaped space under the stairs, one great option is to add in your own custom bookcase to fill this area. This creative solution stores your books while also bringing a unique decor item to your space. 

Simply Stacked

Instead of spending on shelving, simply stack your books neatly against the wall. Placing the stacked pile next to your bedside can make for a creative bedside table.

Accent Floating Shelves

This minimalist shelving style can fill up blank spaces on your walls. Use multiple small sleek shelves or try a spine shelf for those slim wall spaces. 

Open-Back Cube Shelving

These cubby-looking shelves can bring a different dimension to your space. Try an asymmetric style with an open back, fill it with books, plants, and vases to add intrigue and extra decor amongst your literary gems. 

Under a Bench

A perfect built-in reading nook would only be complete with built-in book storage. Utilize your window-side reading bench by creating some unique shelving right underneath for convenience and style. 

Frame a Door

Frame your door with floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving. This would be perfect for any office space or study to keep your books organized, while also creating a unique accent wall. 

“Plant” a Book-tree

Book-tree shelving is perfect for any kid’s room or playroom. Geometric book-tree shelves add a lot of interest and have shelves low enough for the kiddos to reach their books. Throw some comfy pillows and floor cushions around and spend time cozying up with your kiddos and the family’s favorite literary treasures!

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