Darling Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day to Make at Home


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and with so many generic gifts on the market, it can begin to feel like déjà vu. Ask any mom and they would likely tell you of their numerous coffee mugs and scented candles they’ve been given over the years. While these are certainly thoughtful items, here are a few unique gifts you can create this year for the mom in your life – all right from your own home!

Bake some treats

Great for the moms that have a sweet tooth, baking is a lovely way of expressing appreciation.

If she has a preferred dessert, find a recipe online or re-create her own family recipe for that extra personal touch. 

Make a dried flower bouquet

Traditional freshly cut flower bouquets are exquisite, but they unfortunately do have a short life-span. That’s where dried flowers come in, helping to preserve the beauty of any centerpiece. They’re easy to make, last for several months, and require zero upkeep. You can source your dried flowers online or dry out any fresh flowers you may have in hand. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration if you’re not quite sure where to start.

Include the family

If the mom in your life is also a grandmother, include the grandkids in crafting handmade cards. These one-of-a-kind gifts are great keepsakes and will definitely inspire some happy tears! 

Plan a backyard picnic

Surprise your mom with a backyard picnic! You can order delivery from her favorite restaurant or cook the meal yourself, it’s up to you. Add some decorations to spruce it up, curate a playlist, and include her favorite beverages as well. 

Mother’s Day is not only a celebration of our loved ones, it’s also the relationship we hold with them. So be sure to cherish your time together and have fun with your gift giving! After all, it’s the moment itself that will last a lifetime.

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