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As more people find themselves in multigenerational living situations, home builders like Lennar are dreaming up new solutions to accommodate the whole family. Lennar is meeting this need head-on with our innovative Next Gen® – The Home Within a Home®, designed for families that want dedicated space for independent live-in family members. These designs offer features that are practical, functional, and stylish

Lennar Next Gen® homes can be found at Crystal Cay, a new lakeside community in Miami with spacious single-family homes and townhomes. Enjoy resort-style living with access to a clubhouse (coming soon), pool, and gazebo – perfect for multigenerational families that want it all!

No Steps or Thresholds

Having no steps leading into the home, or bumps in between rooms, allows for smoother mobility for any elderly residents with a walker or wheelchair.

Bigger Bathrooms & Curb-free Showers

A bigger bathroom is not only a luxury item for the owner, but a feature that is useful if eventually there is a need to accommodate a wheelchair, walker, or a caregiver for elderly family members. The seamless connection between bathroom and shower tiles looks elegant and helps keep everyone safe.

Contrasting Floor & Countertops

As our eyes age, they may lose the ability to differentiate planes, making it hard to see the difference between similar colored flooring and countertops. Multigenerational home design best practices call for a contrasting color between the two, such as a grey floor with white countertops – not drastic, but enough to tell them apart. 

Discover Next Gen Home Designs from Lennar

Easy-to-Reach Storage

Comfortable reach zones for shelves and cabinets allow for easier access for those with mobility issues. Bending over and reaching up too often can result in an accident, so having these storage spaces within a 54-inch “reach zone” can give everyone comfortable access to any shelf or cabinet.

Living with Family Members?

If you currently live with an older family member or plan to soon, you should take a closer look at Lennar’s Next Gen home designs. They can be found in numerous Lennar communities around Florida and offer the space, design, and features you want for comfortable multigenerational living.

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